Monday, February 6, 2012

Zone Conference, Princesses and Living Legends

Last Monday seems like it was years ago.

Hey guess what?! It's February 6th. That is CA-RAZY. That means it's.... 8 days until .........Valentines Day! Hahaha... one of those days that means absolutely nothing to me at this time. Maybe someday. Although I do have a great Valentine, my little Taquita.

This week was really great. Ups and downs like any other week, but great.

I did learn a very valuable lesson. I can't buy Nutella. Just can't do it. Not now, not ever. I bought it last Monday and have given it away all ready. Me and Nutella= unhealthy relationship.

My last Zone Conference... Oh my goodness, it was amazing. I cried through the whole last hymn... I will never ever be in that setting as a full time missionary (besides Senior missionaries.... it's still not the same....) again. Ever. The Spirit and the insights and revelations that I have received at these conferences over the last 18 months have truly been sacred and miraculous. It is amazing how the Lord works through His servants. President Baker always says exactly what my crazy brain needs to hear. He talked a lot about our willingness to do the Lords will.... We might DO it, but are we doing it willingly? Definitely something that I looked at further and tried to see where my heart is. And I think it can't ALWAYS be willing, but I think the goal is to have it be more and more willing, with a less doing-it-because-I-have-to-and-I-know-I'm-supposed-to attitude. It really is about where our heart is... where our motivation lies, what we really want.... Heavenly Father knows. We have to be willing to do what he asks because we love Him more than anything else. More than the thing that we might be doing instead of the thing that Heavenly Father wants us to be doing. A little more willing everyday, and always using the Atonement in between. There were other trainings, of course, about preparation, planning, a GREAT talk about the Apostasy by Sis Baker (she is a master scriptorian)... It was just great.

The Living Legends came to the Visitors Center! I got to see the Young Ambassadors and the Living Legends while on my mission. Kinda crazy! It was really great. It was so fun to see my old friend Janielle again. She is just a lovely woman. I have always looked up to her. She is the director of Living Legends but does a lot for the YA camps in the Summers, so I have known her ever since I was a Jr. in High School. The Fireside was so powerful. Abuelo was there and he loved it. It is very interesting to be on this end of that situation. I was in their shoes, talking to the missionaries' investigators, trying to help them, for 2 years. And it was great! But now I have been on the other end, enjoying the music and the spirit from the audience, sitting next to my investigator, appreciating the words that the performers said to him afterwards. They both are great.... I am grateful I have had the opportunity to see my Investigators' lives blessed by both the Young Ambassadors and the Living Legends. I hope they realize how powerful what they are doing is. Their songs and words and testimonies truly can change lives. I have witnessed that on many levels.

Abuelo is still not setting a baptismal date. But he did say that he will choose a day in March, but he hasn't told us what it will be yet. PRAYYYYYYY for Abuelo!

We are teaching a new investigator... we are going to call her Princess... She was a former investigator, and was taught by a lot of missionaries. We thought we would just visit her, but then she wanted to learn more again and agreed to read and pray. She went to church yesterday, and she said it was good. It's a huge deal that she went because she did NOT want to tell her Jehovah's Witness friends that she was going to our church. But she did! And she is reading and praying. She needs to understand how much God loves her SOOOOO bad. She is just crying for that kind of love. We love her a lot, but there has to be a point where you realize that no love is like Gods love. She really is hilarious... oh my goodness. Someday if you want to hear Princess stories, ASK. They are the best.

Polly was unable to meet with us this week. Not much to update there.
We have been able to be very successful in finding new investigators with tracting around appointments! It's been great! We have really seen some great miracles. Saturday, we tracted around a missed appt and found a new investigator.We have found a few who said to come back without setting a time. It's great!
The other day we went to see a media referral, miraculously got into the apt complex, and couldn't figure out which apt he lived in because it wasn't with the referral text. We couldn't figure it out so we decided to knock some doors. The first we went to was a young man who said "Ah, LDS. I used to be Mormon". Come to find out, he was never baptized because his parents got divorced before he was 8 and he went with his mother who then left the church. He didn't really want to talk much, but I thought it was a huge miracle that we found him and that now he can be in the book and eventually he will be ready. God definitely led us there.

I have to say... Sometimes people try and tell us that we are crazy because of what we believe. Sometimes they think they are saving us from our beliefs by telling us how wrong we are.... And alls I'm sayin is we have the truth. We really really do. It is true because the Book of Mormon is true. It is true because God still speaks to a prophet. It is true because we have the Spirit that tells us it is true. We are so blessed to know what we know.

I love you all muchoooooooo! Gracias por todo que hacen para mi!

Thank you for your support and prayers.

Sista Brink

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