Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Speaking of Conversion....

So we visitors Center missionaries get the privelege of experiencing Narnia.  There is a room that is ONLY for us with Kiosks, a TV, a Christus Cut Out and lots of videos. All the Elders are jealous and want to come on a tour of our "visitors center". We gladly give them because we need a  LOT of practice. Trying to convert someone in 20 or less minutes is hard. You should try it.

Speaking of conversion, I have learned a lot about the Atonement the last couple of days. A teacher of mine said, "Repentance is doing ANY good thing that brings us closer to Christ". I love that. As we strive to do what is right, the Lord is aware, and we are able to have the benefit of having the holy ghost. In Preach my Gospel, it refers to repentance as turning away from the lord, the world, and towards Christ (in so many words... don't have it in front of me). I think we all (And I am learning this) need to realize that if we want to change, to progress, and actively strive to do just that, we are using the Atonement. It's as simple as that. Putting one step in front of the other on a path towards Christ is what the Atonement is really all about.

I gave my first tours last night as a Visitors Center missionary. I loved it. I love people. I love that by talking to someone I can learn so much about who I want to be, and also learn some pretty important principles about how I need to progress. People are powerful.
I came up with a couple new things for my "You know You're in the MTC if" list.

 -There is a fire alarm at 10 PM and girls run outside in their towels. ONLY, they have 3 different towels covering their arms, legs, and torso so as to be modest. Pretty amazing. Oh, and the "fire" was burnt popcorn (Yes I sang "Ryan Started the FIIIRE!" From the Office only with "Sisters" instead of "ryan)\ 
-You are SO ready for bed by 9:30 but there's still so much to do
-The food at the Temple is like Christmas
-People look forward to "Chicken Corden Blue" from the Cafeteria like Christmas also. Just FYI it's disgusting. And the chicken looks like a hamster
-You get 2 new sisters in your room from Tahiti, and they speak no English so communication is a lot of smiles. A smile is a universal sign of friendship I think.

Since this will be my last letter from the MTC (My P-Day was changed to Friday because we are in new training for Visitors' Center),  I better say a few things I've learned.

 -The Atonement is real for EVERYONE. It is there for us to use and the blessings if we do are immense. I can honestly say that there have been hard moments, where prayer was needed, and the atonement strenghtened me just simply through believing that it would.
 -People are amazing. Even if we have NOTHING in common with someone, you can grow to love them and they will be your new best friend.
 -Journal writing is important! I'm so grateful I wrote things down that I can go back and read and see how far I've come.
 -Clean clothes is a beautiful thing
 -Thank heavens for good teachers
 -HUMILITY! And not being unconfident, just realizing that the Lord is the one who helps us... we don't help ourselves. We have to rely on him for the things we need.

I've learned a lot more than jsut that, but I've got 2 minutes left on my timer. I love you all so much! I am so blessed to have good friends and family. Thank you for being so supportive. Everytime I get a letter, it is like 5 minutes of total joy as I read them.  Thank you Thank you.

The Gospel is TRUE! I KNOW THAT!! Love you!

Sista Brink


  1. I saw Bailee yesterday at the Visitor's Center in LA!!! I was there for a wedding and she gave me a tour. She's doing great, loving her companion, and trying to learn Spanish. I just wanted to pass along her address because this is the one that we should all be using:
    1591 E Temple Way
    Los Angeles, CA 90024
    Love to all the other Bailee-lovers!