Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Week 3 Down!

 It's kind of weird because while I have been here for only 3 weeks it really does seem like years. I have gotten used to my normal day:  waking up, going running, going to breakfast, going to class, teaching some investigators, going to lunch, going to class, teaching some investigators, reading the scriptures, going to gym and playing some volleyball (so dang fun), studying Preach My Gospel (if you don't have a copy, GET IT! It's amazing. Not just for missionaries, but a great study tool if you want to really improve the effectiveness of your study), memorizing scriptures, planning for the next day and having fun times with my roomates before bed. Thats a usual day here at the MTC. This week it will change a bit because our Elders leave from our district and we have a week of Visitors Center training. It will still be pretty much the same thing... Eating, Class, Teaching, Studying...Let's all pray my skirts still fit when I leave here. Eating then sitting then eating then sitting isn't the most ideal situation. Especially for those of you who know me well. (Yes, I'm a bit stressed about it! haha).
After a long day this week I looked down at my shoes and suddenly visualized how good they will look after I polished them that night and I said to Sis. Morty: "Ooooh! I can't wait to polish my shoes tonight!" to which she responds "That's when you know you're in the MTC..." So I decided to make a list of How you Know you're in the MTC (These are all things that have happened. Enjoy).

 -You're excited to polish your shoes after the long day 
-You argue with Elders at meak times about the lyrics to "Be A Man" from Mulan. (It's BE a Man, not WE are men, right?!) You realize during this argument how useful and lucky we are to have Google. Except we can't access it... SO you people, don't ever take for granted the amazingness of Google.
 -The musical fireside (Where people pick their favorite hymn and we all sing  it...) is the best thing that has EVER happened because listening to music is not allowed 
-You go to morning aerobics with 20 other girls. It's hilarious.
 -[If you're a sister] you get EVERY door opened for you and also get to cut all of the Elders in line for food 
-You have gas from the Salad (they put something on it that keeps it fresh.  Also gives gas... So there's no right answer)
 -You can NOT wait to use a computer for 30 minutes just to be able to have some form of real life -There is always a line of  people waiting anxiously for mail. 3 times a day.
 -Going to bed is such a blessing
 -You look in the mirror and realize your hair is 3 different colors, but, alas... it doesn't matter and you cant really do anything about it anyway
-You miss things that were just mundane before... Diet Dr. Pepper with Vanilla from Sonic, for example. And tootsie Pops. And Modern Family.
 -You miss the un-mundane things too... like family and friends. So much.
 -It's either make-up or hair. No time for both.
 -You become WAY grateful for things. Like conference on couches.
- (I have to throw in a cheesy cliche one) You really come to know the importance of obedience, studying the scriptures, and prayer. So much prayer.

I loved conference. It was written totally for me I think. We literally would eat, go watch it on AWFUL chairs, eat again, watch again... so you can imagine how many notes I took. It was amazing though. I am always so amazed at how personal it becomes. I especially liked Pres. Monson's talk on being grateful. I realize that I haven't been super grateful for things in my life, always wanting the next best thing. I am excited to learn more about being gracious. I love this Scripture in Alma when he is teaching the Zoramites. Alma 34:38. Look it up, its good.

Funny story: Last year during Children of Eden, I had a fan who would come to the show and then write on my facebook wall and just was so funny about it. He is here! It was hilarious because my district was joking about how I have fans at the MTC and I was like "No no...." and THEN up comes this Elder whos like "umm... this is awkward.... but I'm your biggest fan. I came to Children of Eden 3 times just to see you." Perfect timing. SO hilarious (Sean, I mostly wrote that for you...)

 I got to sing "Savior, Redeemer" at a fireside for the Sisters. I am grateful I was able to do that. I didn't think music would really be a huge part of my mission. Maybe that was silly thinking... I love being able to share my testimony through song. Don't laugh, it's true.

Well I need to go! I am so happy I have people supporting me. I got about 30 cards from the MDT program yesterday and it made my day! Thank you! I love you all so much! 

Family- I love and miss you. Thank you for being so supportive. 

 Love you!
 Sista Brink

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