Monday, April 25, 2011

So Long, April

Here I am again. Staring blankly at the screen wondering where to even begin. I'm not sure e-mailing will ever get easier.

First off. Everyone, thank you for the letters! There really is nothing like receiving letters as a missionary. It's kind of embarrassing how wonderful it is. So thank you. And I am sorry if my responses are delayed... our time is really limited on P-days for letter writing, but I really do make an effort to write back. Keep the updates coming! Love you all.

Goodness gracious.

Don't know what to do

Or say.

Ok... Megan. Is. Awesome. She is still getting baptized on May 14th. Hoorayyyyy! She is so wonderful and has seriously good questions about things. She really does want this and God really is answering her prayers. Such a blessing and the miracle of this gospel! God wants us to prove him right! And what is interesting is that in Moroni 10 vs 4 he doesn't say "I will tell you it is right" he says "ask God in the name of Christ if these things are NOT true". I think we sometimes are waiting for god to say YES! It's True! But really, he wants us to recognize that the subtle, good feelings just supporting its truth are our answers. Unless something says NO! inside of us, it is usually a good thing. Just like Moroni says in chapter 7... Man, he was a great guy, don't ya think?

We another investigator named Kaz who is really amazing. She has a lot of desire to learn, and realizes that she has to humble herself to do so. We had a lesson the other day and the spirit was SO strong. Like THICK strong. It was pretty amazing. She is a really cool person.

I'm at a loss. This has been a whirlwind of a transfer and I am not really sure what has even happened. Good thing I'm a good journal writer because my blog letters have been FAILING.

I had a couple visits this week. John, Alyssa, Johns Sister in law and adorable nephews and Jeremiah with a couple friends from his cruise. SO fun! It's really weird to be in a place where people can just show up and see me. I LOVE it, but then I hate it all at the same time because there is so much to tell, so much to want to hear, and not enough time before I have to get back to work. You also have to be really careful to not get out of the "zone" of missionary work which is sometimes hard to do. I have never felt like I couldn't get back into focus after visits, I think I just feel badly because I can't REALLY give of myself or my time to them when they come. And then they leave and I think of all of the things I should have told them, or asked, and then it's sad to think that it will be a while before that is possible again. But then its back to work, and it's totally ok. So to you friends, I love you and I am grateful you came... and I'm sorry I couldn't really be "bay" but I only get to be Sister Brinkerhoff for a short time. Thank you for your support and love :)

I really don't think I have anything else to say today. LAME letter, I know... Next week will be better.

THE GOSPEL IS TRUE!!!!!! It truly truly is

Sista Brink

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