Monday, April 18, 2011

Where is April?

Really though. Where did April go? It is almost over and I'm not even really sure what happened... It's been a whirlwind of a month that's for sure. And the wind keeps a blowin!

Starting these e-mails is always a bit of a task because I can't ever REALLY put my thoughts into words very quickly. Or remember everything that happened. The weeks seem like years when you look back at them, but then it's amazing how fast time flies.

This week was a lot of preparation for Sarah's baptism. She planned EVERYTHING to the T and was so excited for her baptism. It was really neat to see her plan everything with the excitement she had. She is so awesome. Her baptismal interview was Tuesday with Elder Jacobboogar (it's really Jacobberger... He's AWESOME. But I did see him picking his nose in the car once and so now he will forever be Jacobboogar) and it went really really well. She was in the room forever which meant she was probably telling him EVERYTHING which is awesome. Her baptism was Saturday and it was so amazing! We had a Mini Missionary (Sister Frankerhoff. But really her name was Stephanie Camano, we just named her Frankerhoff  because we thought it was funny. And it was.) and she was such a brave soul and even spoke with us during our "Missionary Moment". I sang "Did you think to pray" at Sarah's request and it was fun to be able to share that with her. She is so great and we are so excited for her. Miracles in Bel Air!

Paulette. Saddest Story ever. We had a lesson with her on Wednesday and the first thing she said was "I read the chapter in the Book of Mormon you wanted me to read and I agree. I want to follow Jesus Christ and be baptized (it was 2 Nephi 31... all about Baptism and the doctrine of Christ)." Um. Ok?! So we had a great lesson and talked about the Restoration and watched the Restoration video and I really don't think she blinked once. The Spirit is always so strong during that video. I love it. Anyways, she was all gung ho and then the next day we got a phone call from her and she was really upset because she had lunch with her step mom (the wife of an Emmy award winning composer.... ) and Paulette told her about being baptized a mormon and the step mom blew up at her and started telling her all of the rumors that are SO not true about the church and won't let her get baptized. Paulette has to follow her rules because she is under her guardianship because of some emotional problems. So sad. She is really sad about it. She will be able to be baptized someday, I have faith. We will still go visit her but we just might get yelled at by the woman who takes care of Paulette who has strict orders to not let us in. It really is so sad that some people are so mislead about things we believe that are just so far from the truth. If only they knew... I guess we wouldn't need missionaries if they did.

Megan is doing awesome! We had dinner with her the other night at our favorite member of the UCLA ward, Ang, and had a lesson too. It was awesome and she really feels like God is answering her prayers about the Book of Mormon. And guess what? HE IS. Duh. She is just solid. So solid.

We had Stake Conference yesterday and it was pretty amazing. Sis Franks and I were lucky enough to have had dinner with the Stake President and his family on Thursday and really got to know them and I fell in love with them! And then to see Pres Bragg speak at both the new member/investigator meeting and then the actual conference just made me respect and admire him even more. He really is an exemplary man and I'm pretty sure he's next to be a General Authority. Just a humble, kinds, wise, good man. I need one of those someday. He talked about Building the Kingdom and how it is SO important that we help do just that! In fact, it is a commandment. Sometimes I get questions like "what can I do to help you Sis Brinkerhoff?" from people back home and this is my response. HELP THE MISSIONARIES! Talk to people about the Gospel! Give referrals at the Visitors Centers! FEED the missionaries and prayerfully think about someone you can invite! All things that I would love :) I hope that someday I can be a good member-missionary because nothing makes you realize how important it really is than when you are needing the members to help.

I am not sure I have anything else to really write about. Seems like a lot more happened that I am missing, but I think I've come to a conclusion that that is just how it will always be. For the next 10 months (woa... thats all I have left) I will never feel like I express exactly what I wanted to. Oh well.

The Gospel is TRUE!

Sista Brink

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