Monday, September 19, 2011

I never saw that movie.... but I imagine it was probably a lot like this week.

We really did have a series of unfortunate events this week! A lot of things just hit like a tornado (If you know me, you know I have nightmares about Tornadoes, and really just natural disasters in general, ALL the time... which is funny because I have never experienced one, or never really even lived in a place long enough to experience one... Probably a good representation of my life: Always worrying about things that really I have no control over... And what does stressing do? NOTHING. And then there never really is a "storm" anyway.) and we were NOT prepared for these things....

The first was that Sister Parra-- a missionary here at the VC who I just LOVED (and still do, of course)-- went home quickly because her older sister passed away suddenly. How heartbreaking! AH I can't even imagine... for several reasons... That would just be so hard. She actually had finished her 18 months but had extended one transfer so she really didn't miss any of her mission. BUT she didn't get to have any sort of preparation, spiritually or mentally, to go home. That would be so hard. And her family... My heart goes out to them! We love you Hermana Parra. "I lub you"

Granny G isn't doing too well. It really is sad how Satan moves in and tries to strike just after a very amazing, spiritual experience. I had never seen her so happy than after her baptism. And now, she is just having a hard time. We had a lesson and I became very very very upset afterwards. I was able to talk with our VC director about things, and it was really a blessing. SO this experience wasn't totally unfortunate. We had a good talk about doing all that we can, and then leaving things up to the Lord. He reinforced my work, helping me feel better and not believe that things are always my fault. People have their agency... And just because my feelings get hurt, it doesn't mean that I can change anyone or force them to do anything. My heart gets broken so easily by people... something I'm working on... but the truth is, if things always went MY way, I would be taking away the opportunity for someone else to excercise their agency and also probably miss out on some seriously cool growth experiences. Cause that is what trials turn into. Like a butterfly. Anyways... pray for Granny G.

Yesterday, Sunday, 2 of our Sisters got in a car accident. Sister Pinto and I were able to go and help and such... They were T-Boned in an intersection and the cars were completely totaled. One Sister felt horrible because of the accident, and the other one was rushed to the hospital for some x-rays and things... We were at the hospital for 3 hours with them yesterday. Both of them are fine, just really sore, especially one of them... But all is well. Needless to say, it was a pretty dramatic day. This is funny: there was a Stake Conference that Pres and Sis Baker were supposed to speak at, but they were at the hospital with us. So it was announced to an entire stake that there was an accident, that 2 sisters were in the hospital. Which then of course caused for a lot of drama. Our Zone Leaders who were at the stake conference were stressing out thinking one of us had died. Maybe that's not funny, but I thought it was pretty amusing. Oh the drama. I love it.

So, as you can see. It was a crazy week.

BUT there is something really crazy cool happening. The other VC Sister trainer-- Hermana Bustamante-- and I were able to get trained through Headquarters how to do "chat" on So we are able to teach people online! It's amazing! I have all ready had some really amazing experiences. Tonight, we have a "return appointment" with a guy who is seriously searching for the truth. I've taught him 3 times and it really has been incredible. If you go on and click "chat with us" it takes you automatically to a missionary. Pretty amazing stuff. Send your friends there!

Oh. So I wasn't transferred. I can't believe transfers were just 4 days ago. Like I said, LOOOOOONG week. We are still truckin in Bel Air for at least one more transfer! I'm glad I'm still with my Pinto Bean here. There is so much work to do in this area....And we are working hard, mark my words. By the end of this transfer, I will have been a missionary in Bel Air/Beverly Hills/UCLA for 7 and a half months. Which is a reallllly long time to be in one area. But I'm lovin it. Sort of overwhelmed at times... But loving it nonetheless. Heavenly Father is also probably laughing at me all the time because I am ALWAYS around Black Range Rovers... My favorite car.... But I have to be honest, after being a missionary here for that long, I think I'll pass on the Range Rover. A mini van for my 6 kids will suffice. (I know, right?! Changes!)

Simpsons are doing well. We are starting completely over with him and hopefully that will help him to receive some answers. They are so great...

Halloween is everywhere all ready. Really?! Is it all ready HALLOWEEN TIME?! Can't believe that at all. I think I'll be a Sister Missionary this year (that was for you Mom.)

We did a lot of finding this week. Not too many funny or crazy stories, but we did find some new potential investigators for the UCLA ward. Pray for us! We need a teaching pool... I have been very fortunate to have people that we have been teaching my whole time in Bel Air, now we are on a "dry spell". So... we need some super soakers...

I AM SO EXCITED FOR CONFERENCE! I really cannot explain how wonderful conference is as a missionary. It's like the best treat ever. Better than the new Oatmeal Cookie flavor at Yogurtland. For reals. I have been re-reading all of last conference and I am so excited to see what those wonderful men have to say. Conference will also be 5 years since my Dad died... a good time to reflect and remember that special man. I miss him.

Sometimes a Sister just needs a nap! (said with a "sparkle s"). I guess it's my own fault that I am tired right now because we played Ultimate frisbee for 2 hours today. SO I am tired and a tad sunburned. But it felt oh so good.

I love being a missionary. So. Much.

Yesterday I was in a tour and feeling the spirit really strong (even in SPANISH!) and I had the though "I only have 5 more months of this". And I got teary-eyed. I never thought I would be one of those "NOOOO I DONT WANT TO LEAAAAAAVVVVEE" missionaries but maybe I was fooling myself. This work is oh so good.

PS. I didn't have time to write ANY letters today. Again, frisbee.... Sorry! I love you oh so much (Mom and Court... this is for you... please forgive me!::(

Sista Brink

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