Monday, September 5, 2011

September Select

September Select" is our Zone Goal for the month of September. Elder Jacobberger and Bennett (Zone Leaders) did the most hilarious skit to introduce it. Basically, it was a skit representing the all-too-common ways that guys try and get girls to marry them after their missions. It was hilarious. And it was showing that we as missionaries sometimes just gotta move on to find those who are really prepared to receive the Gospel, rather than just waiting and trying to convince people that they should get baptized. We just want to find ANYONE who will learn at this point, let alone someone who is actually prepared to accept the ordinance of Baptism! Nonetheless, it was a good reminder that we really do have to use our time so wisely on our missions. And in life really... Definitely an eternal principle. Time is such a precious gift we have. I wish we had more of it to sleep.

Speaking of sleep. So this week, something crazy happened. I had like a CRAZY sinus attack. While getting ready the other morning, I felt nauseous (no idea how to spell that word. Never have known), and then I swallowed and something exploded inside my mouth! True story! And I started choking on something... like acid-y tasting... and then was like dry heaving. Ok I know this is a horrific description but I'm just telling what happened to me. Anyways. So then my throat and my eyes were BURNING and my head was on FIRE. It was the craziest thing in the world. Then I couldn't like lay down or anything because I was going crazy with how badly I was burning. SO I tried to rinse with salt water for like 30 minutes and I just kept spitting and spitting because there was so much gunk in my mouth. So gross. anyways... so then I finally felt ish-ok and went to the VC and we worked all day. Then that night, I tossed and turned and only slept for 2 hours! But I was breathing fine! It was so frustrating. So then the next night... SO excited to sleep.... and the SAME THING! Tossing and turning. Ah it was horrible. And if you know me, you know that I do NOT function on no sleep. So it was a rough couple of days and I felt like I was in a haze. It was awful. But I finally slept on Saturday and Sunday night, hallelujah. It was wonderful. But I'm still a little hazy and need to catch up. Like that will ever happen....

Things are going pretty well. Doing a lot of finding and a lot of praying. We are excited for a ward activity that is in the making, finally, after some convincing and a nice "pitch" from our ward mission leader, for the WW 1st ward. Hopefully it will be a good missionary activity. It's gonna be a talent show. Hopefully everyone will get involved and make it a fun night. And mostly, hopefully people will bring friends!! I'm seriously so excited to be able to help with activities for the missionaries when I get home. I really want to be a good member missionary. As should all of you... Just sayin. If you don't know the missionaries in your ward, GET TO KNOW THEM! They need your help! Do it for us over here in Beverly Hills. Let me know about your missionary opportunities :)

We are still working with Bro Simpson. We had a lesson and dinner with a family in our ward this week which was wonderful. Bro Simpson knows everything, he understands everything and really does want to do what is right. But he will not accept a baptismal date. We are trying to figure out what is holding him back... I am just in love with that family. I literally fall asleep every night thinking about them in the temple. But then I end up dreaming something reallllly crazy. This week I dreamed that Pres Baker sent me home for no reason, just felt I needed to go home and it was HORRIBLE! It made me think about how special this time is and how I really need to give my all, because it is so short and before we know it I will be home wondering how in the world a year and a half all ready went by.

We had some pretty great finding stories this week. Its really sad when people tell us we are going to Hell, or rather, the Lake of Fire, because we are preaching to people about the Book of Mormon. Oh if only they could really see how wonderful it is! I LOVE THE BOOK OF MORMON! And I know it is true. Nothing will ever shake my testimony of the Book of Mormon and its truthfulness. I have read it over 4 times just on my mission and every time I just fall more and more in love with it.

Sis Pinto's favorite thing to say is "You are really crazy". That pretty much sums us up. Haha. You know you never really appreciate the value of communication until its hindered quite a bit. We are learning a lot. A LOT. I sometimes think that patience is being shoved down my throat, but really, I need to allow myself to enjoy the taste a bit...

Granny G had cataract surgery this week so she is pretty out-of-service. Italian people are somewhat stubborn if you didn't know... I love that woman. She is hilarious. Stubborn and hilarious.

Sister Hanselpants and I did a training this week for the Visitors Center ( we do one every week... one gets over and we are relieved and then two days later we are having to brainstorm about what to do next. It never ends! ) about our calling... applying to both our call as missionaries and our calling from the call center where we call the referrals we received. I don't think I have really written very much about the wonderful, miraculous experiences I have had and always have in the call center. To be able to have a spiritual conversation over the phone with someone, to get to know them, have them open up to you and really see how God has been with them in their lives is an amazing thing. Something that you can only experience it if you experience it, you know? It is such a unique calling that wehave as Visitors Center AND Proselyting missionaries. Best of both worlds!!! I am very grateful.

I always think I have nothing to say and then BAM! I've written a novel. Seems like that is a pattern in my life. Haha. Like the time I didn't have anything to say for my Dad's funeral, and I ended up talking for 20 minutes, Such is Sista Brink. Be with it as you may....

Love you all very much! Thank you for your support and love and prayers and everything!

Sista Brink

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