Monday, December 12, 2011

You better sit down.

Ok. The time came. They kicked me out of Bel Air. More like escorted me out, as I had seriously deserved that by now having been there for 9 months. It was pretty bitter sweet, I was definitely ready for a change but I had really fallen in love with the Westwood 1st and UCLA wards. I really had. It was sad to say goodbye to people, but honestly they can come in and see me anytime they want. Haha. AND I had to move apartments! For the first time my entire mission. That is seriously unheard of. It was terrible! I had to move to a whole other FLOOR in the same apartment building. How dare they. Haha . I am on the 4th floor now and honestly, that extra flight really does make a world of difference. I'm like panting at the top. Would someone please get me a gym membership? And fast. My new companion is Sister Moon. I am the luckiest sister in the world, honestly. She is from South Korea and is incredible. I have actually had a strong premonition that she and I would be companions at some point and here we are. I also knew that I would serve in Brentwood at some point and that's where we are! I am back in the Santa Monica Stake which I am totally happy about. It's pretty funny, my whole mission I have spent within like 10 miles. And Sister Mortensen (Mortypants from the MTC) went to Bel Air. And she was in Brentwood before, and we both started in Santa Monica, so we have had the exact same mission which is just pretty hilarious.

So yes, I am now in Brentwood and I am loving it so much. I had many confirmations this week that this really is exatly where the Lord wants me. And that I have so much to learn from these people.

We are teaching some amazing people. The humblest people. I love them so much all ready and I have only met a couple of them once. I really believe that we are going to see a lot of miracles this transfer. Stay tuned.

We met with... we shall call him.... The L Man.... this week. He is so sweet and sincere. His living situation is not great and he has a lot to complain about but he doesn't. We talked about faith and really this man has a lot of it. He is so close to our Father in Heaven and it was a really humbling experience to be able to talk with him. I'm excited for the miracles that will happen for him.

We also met with... we shall call him.... Abuelo. He is the sweeeeeetest man in the world! He is from Mexico and is very close to his catholic faith but has been going to our church for a while now. He is 83 and adorble. We came over and he was all dressed in a suit. Just adorable. And our lesson was really great... he has a testimony of the Book of Mormon (WOO HOO) but it is hard for him to let go of his 83 years of catholicism. He has been through a lot but has his head held high. He is an incredible man.

There are others, but we didn't meet with them yet just talked for a while and they are amazing! I am so grateful to be where I am.

Sis Moon is hilarious. Seriously hilarious. We made a gingerbread house today! So fun. This is her first and last American christmas so I am trying to make it as good as we can. Any ideas? We listen to Christmas music and we are going to do "12 Days" for someone we are working with and probably make rice crispy wreaths for some members and investigators. I hope she has a fun Christmas (Mom, can you send her a stocking? and some Brink PJs's?) I wish I could explain to you how funny she is, but I cant. She drops stuff all the time and makes the funniest growling noise. And she can totally laugh at herself which makes me so happy because we just laugh together. She is so pure and lovely. I love my Moon bear!

Christmas at the Visitors Center is a madhouse of miracles. It's really amazing. Always packed with people after 7 o'clock and there are fun concerts. The other night Sis Moon bear and I were in charge of ushering a childrens choir. Maybe I cried in it. I love Christmas time so much. I have told many stories about how grateful I am that my Mom taught me the real meaning of Christmas (even if I was a snot and was still really greeeeeeeeeedy.... I did understand, was just choosing to be a snot. I'm sorry! ) . I love this season and I never want it to end!

Allrighty, I sure love you all and hope you are all doing great. xoxoxoxo

Sista Brink

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