Monday, December 5, 2011

December Monday


Well things just keep getting crazier and crazier. Remember that one time that we were down to a duo, not a trio? SURPRISE! We had Sister Chen join us last Wednesday. She is from Provo but her parents are from Taiwan (which is what she has to tell everyone because everyone just stares at her when she says she's from Provo, because she clearly looks Chinese) She is a visa waiter, on her way to Taiwan and will be here in LA with us for about 6 weeks. She is awesome. Super funny. And super darling. We are having fun playing tricks on her. Like the other night, we told her that we have "Saturday night meditation". We told her all about it during the day, that we sit in a circle and stare at each other in silence and meditate. Haha. So then at 10:00 I said "Ok lets have companionship prayer and then meditation..." So sis Chen says the comp. Prayer and in her prayer she says "please bless us to have a good meditation" and Sis Green and I just started laughing SOOOOOO hard. It was pretty hilarious. So that gave it away and we didn't have meditation. We also had dinner with my tender Mercy, the Crowes, and we pretended she only spoke Chinese. It was so funny. They were like talking all slow to her. And then right after we started eating, Sister Chen just started talking. The Crowes looked so confused. It was pretty hilarious. I was proud of my little girl.

Things are going well! It is transfers again tomorrow night. WHAT THE?! I only have 2 more transfers! That is NUTS! It cant be. It's too soon. I'm not ready for the real world. It's scary out there! Man. We will see what happens. I didn't tell anyone from the ward goodbye because I've done that the past 2 transfers and I've ended up staying, so I think I've cried wolf a little too much. We'll see. I am fine either way. I mean you have to be, because I'm really not in control anyway! The Lord knows what needs to happen.

I really do believe that, though. That the Lord is in control. Sis Chen asked me what I have learned the most on my mission and I think that that is probably the biggest thing that I have learned. That the Lord is in charge and He knows what is best. I really haven't understood a lot of the situations I have been in at all. But I do understand that the Lord understands and that eventually I will understand. "Sometime, we'll understand ", right? I am so grateful that the Lord is in control, because really, if I was in control, this place would be in a whole lot of trouble. We have a loving Heavenly Father who knows exactly what we need, when we need it, and how painful it might be. But it's all for our own benefit. I truly do believe that.

The Visitors Center is a happenin place! Hooray! It's Christmas time! 20 days! I have a countdown in our apt on the adorable chalk board my Sis made for me and I write the countdown everyday on the board at the VC and Sis Macdonald erases it everyday. And then I write it again. Haha. I am my Mothers daughter I suppose. The Christmas season really is amazing as a missionary. People are bringing their friends to the VC and there are concerts every night. Its a blast and my feet hurt really bad every night. Thats a good feeling.

So in my book of mormon reading in Spanish, I've learned a lot. The words I know really stand out to me. Like repentance. "Arrepintirse". The Book of Mormon talks a LOT about that principle, if you haven't noticed. I used to look at it as a really scary thing. Like thinking that a need for repentance means there was something done wrong. And thats bad, right? But now, I look at repentance as such a joyful thing. It's change. It's growth. It's alligning ourselves with God just a little bit more than before. Sometimes change is hard for people to adjust to, and it's totally understandable. But it's what this life really is all about! "Preparing to meet God" like it says in Alma. (Paraphrased). And unless one is completely prepared from the time they enter the earth, they must need to change and prepare more. And that is what repentance is. Recognizing something, through the Holy Ghost, that you can change, and then doing it. And knowing, when you do it, that God was totally pleased with your decision. It's a good feeling.

Our people are doing well. We have a new person! A new investigator! And she lives in West Hollywood, which, if you haven't been there... Oh my... what a place. Anyway. We will call her Georgia. Georgia is awesome and has read the entire Gospel Principles book. Her parents have met with missionaries for years in the south and they LOVE the Mormons. Our lesson was awesome. She said she would consider baptism. That was a good feeling.

I think that is all for today....

Oh one more thing. I love you all so much. I love your support and frienship. I am trying to find everything I can to be more obedient because I need Gods help! So if you would send me actual letters at 1591 E. Temple Way and not e-mail me on here, that would be great :) Just something I thought I could change and do better at! I love youuuuuuuuuuuu. Send me letters. It's embarrassing these days cause I don't get much mail anymore hahah.... as was bound to happen.... but I understand. I'll see you all soon anyways! Scary.

Sista Brink

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