Monday, November 28, 2011

Gonna Be Short

I'm not sure where my time went today... SO I'm just gonna send some pictures and a little udpate!

Things are looking up for Bel Air. we hav APPOINTMENTS this week! Can you believe it?! I kind of can't... super grateful.

Sister Pinto is no longer with us :( There was a sick sister living in an apt far away from the temple and so they brought her back here to be in a trio and sis pinto bean went with her companion Sister Thompson in Santa Monica. We miss our little bean, but we are getting by without her!

Thanksgiving was awesome. We did service for Homeless people in Santa Monica. It was an incredible event. And then we had lunch with the Crowes (Ok, I can't remember what you wanted me to call you, Steve... Crowe wil have to do!). They are seriously the biggest blessing for us! WE LOVE YOU GUYS! YOU ARE THE GREATEST THING IN THE WORLD! they even gave me a birthday present. AND we had pazzokie for dinner! Anna was sneaky and found out that that is my favorite treat. She is the greatest. And their baby is seriously adorable. See picture.

Thank for all for the birthday shout outs and what not! You are all just thebest.


RWLJ came on Thanksgiving. We exchanged "Happy Anniversary" cards because we met at the VC one year ago on Thanksgiving. Haha. Loved it.

we love Abuelita, the hot chocolate. I thought I looked like her, so we took a picture. I'm a dork.

Listen, everybody. The Gospel is true okay!? ITS TRUE! I love it so much.

Love you all
Sista Brink

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