Monday, November 14, 2011

It's over. Hallelujah!

Finally. The Talent Show is over! The last 3 months getting that thing rolling has taken quite a toll on me, but it what awesome!

We had quite a few non-members there. Not as many as we hoped caught the vision, but they did come and were excited about something, which hasn't happened for a long time in this ward. The only activities they have are the Christmas party each year, so it was fun to see people actually mingle and get to know each other. It was a really fun evening and we learned a lot for what the ward could do next time if they continue to do things like this (which they should). You better believe that I taught some deacons a lip sink number to N'Sync and they were AWESOME! And then the Elders Qurorum broke out of their shells and did a seriously hilarious skit of synchronized swimming. I was dying laughing. So was everyone else, I thought some of the oldies were going to have a heart attack. Sis Seagull and I sang "When you Believe" and Moffat was our dashing MC. I owe him so huge. There was a magic show, some harmonicas and guitars, a pokemon song (you better believe it) and it was just really a fun evening. A few part-member families, and inactive families came as well. And there were some seriously delicious chocolate truffles that made my night a little better and a little worse at the same time. My lovely Deanne was there, a former investigator who I know was my lovely friend in the pre-existence and who I will be in touch with forever. And I will sing at her baptism. Even if I am 35 with 5 kids (5 is a little much...). Anyway, just glad it went well and that it is over. I think it will be a night that most will remember for a looooong time. It will go down in WW 1st ward history!

We had Zone Conference this week and it. was. incredible. It's so interesting how these things roll around RIGHT when you need it. Like General Conference. It always seems to come when you seriously just need a huge glass of spiritual guidance. Adn then you just chug and chug and chug until you just want to sleep. But then you can't sleep because you need to go to work. I will be able to sleep soon enough, for now, it's working time. I have dreams about sleeping. Last Sunday was daylight savings so we were going to get an extra hour of sleep. I had seriously been counting down the days for it and was SO excited for an EXTRA HOUR OF SLEEP! I was so excited that I couldn't sleep. Haha. Of course. I kept thinking "this is so cool that I can say I slept for 9 hours instead of 8" that I never really got tired and then didn't really sleep at all. Hahahaha. Typical me.

Anyway, that has nothing to do with Zone Conference. The theme was the Doctrine of Christ. Pres. Baker is incredible and just said all the right things that I needed to hear. He talked a lot about enduring well, and not comparing yourself to other missionaries. Why do we do that? Why do we feel the need to base our personal acceptance or progression on the success of someone else, who then compares theirs to someone else? It's a really weird trap. And it's really unhealthy on the mind. I am going to try and be better about just worrying about what I am doing, how I feel at the end of the day, and my progression and work, rather than thinking "Man. She's had like a thousand baptisms. What am I doing wrong?" It's a slippery slope.  I don't have my Zone Conf. notes with me unfortunately because there really were some serious gems. But they were probably just gems for me and wouldn't mean anything to you. And so it is. We did get another Book of Mormon challenge though to read the entire thing by Jan 1st. I'm doing it in Spanish. Eeeek! I love it though. I really love Spanish a lot.

So sister green and I have a problem. We fight. Like literally. Not in a serious way, but we brawl in our apartment and it is hilarious. She is feisty and is the only one who gives me a good fight in an arm wrestle. So last night, we were wrestling and my nail literally broke into her skin. It was SO funny. And painful for her, but I broke my nail! Hahaha. I love Sis Green so much. We have had some of the most amazing talks of my mission.... she is incredible.

well, I am going to head out.

I love you all. Send me letters.

Love-Sista Brink

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