Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Birthdays, A new Chaparrita, and Thanksgiving Hangovers

 Wow. It was a WEEK if I've ever had a week!

First things first. Sister Browning and I are happy to introduce a new addition to our family. We birthed a new companion! She is a tiny little, five-foot-nothing Latino. (Chaparrita means little shorty... That's what we call her). So yes, we are in a trio companionship. She is awesome! We love her. She's been out the same time as Sister Browning (leaves in March) and she just adds a little fire to our semi-frustrated companionship. We have been frustrated because we keep having these amazing first lessons with people, where the Spirit is wayyyyy strong, they committ to baptism, and then they disappear! It's almost like Satan just works on them sooo much after they experience such great feelings when talking about the truth.

 Actually, it's not even "almost like" Satan is doing that, he DEFINITELY is. Man, he is so annoying. Anyways... So we now literally have a bed-room because we have a room full of beds. It's pretty fun to be in a trio though. It will probably only be for this transfer that ends on December 29th. Not going to lie though, I will be verrrry sad if Sister Browning and I get separated this transfer. Chaparrita and I get along great though too (we are kind of assuming that Sis Browning will leave and Chaparrita and I will stay in Santa Monica as Sister Browning has been here a really long time...)

 My Birthday was such a treat! Not only did I get lots of e-mails from friends today which made me sooo happy, but last week ON my Birthday I had a few very special surprises. One was Rob Moffat walking in to the VC with a package saying "Delivery for Sister Brinkerhoff". Leave it to Dar to send him a package so that I could get it ON my Birthday. Thanks Mom! It really was just the perfect surprise. I love my scarf and cardigan, and we devoured the cake! What a perfect idea that was because we could just heat it up in the microwave here at the VC. And THEN after we ate, a Sister came back to tell me that there was someone at the VC for me. I walk out and there is PRESTON KENT SADLEIR and his sweet Mom and Brother. I was almost in tears I was so happy!
And of course because Preston knows me alll too well, he had a box of Fiber one Cereal for me with a balloon tied to it. The perfect Birthday present. I am so blessed! It really was such a treat to see him while he is here for his performances of "Next to Normal". Wonderful Birthday surprises. And THEN I got a package delivered from Linz's Mother in Law, Joyce! Another scarf, DARLING, (You know me and my scarves!) and some sweet cards and such. I love my family and friends. 
 And THEN Heather Burgess came and surprised me with a Birthday cupcake! Man oh man, I am so lucky. It was so good to see her and her sweet smile. I sure love that girl.  That's all.

 Thanksgiving was an interesting day. We had breakfast in the Morning with Sister Grossman from our ward. She is rad. It was a really great breakfast and she had us write home which was extra nice because I was dying to tell my Mom how grateful I am for her. I was so grateful for the opportunity to do that on that specific day. Then we went and visited some people, Stewart first who gave me a Scarf for my birthday too (HA!) which was the sweetest thing ever. And then we went to see the Woods' also. They weren't doing anything for thanksgiving so they were so glad to see us and invited us back for dinner the next day. We went and did service at an Old Folks home which was way fun. I sang at it, and this old Black man with only one leg asked to "meet the singer" like 10 times and every time he asked me if I had a boyfriend. Ha! Then we worked at the VC and actually had quite a lot of people coming in and out. Our Thanksgiving dinner was Pizza because we were craving it so we picked up some on the way in and it was delicious. Don't you worry because the next day, Friday, we would have TWO Thanksgiving dinners BACK TO BACK! The sweet Costello family (Sister Costello truly looks like she should be a teacher on Harry Potter.... She should be Professor Flitwicks wife. Miniature little lady) fed us a Thanksgiving Dinner after which Sister Browning threw up in the bathroom and then we went to the Woods' to find that they had been working at fixing this dinner all day because of how hard it is to move around and such because of their disease. They told us "we wouldn't have had a reason to have Thanksgiving dinner if it weren't for you" and old Sis. Woods said over and over again how grateful she was to have us as part of her family. It was one of those nights I will remember forever. Especially Chaparrita running to the bathroom to throw up too because she also ate too much. Luckily I was smart and barely ate at the first home. Genius, I know. Needless to say, we had a serious Thanksgiving hangover the next day.
 So like I said before, we are all reading the Book of Mormon before the end of the year. I am LOVING it. For the first time, I am really understanding the stories (at least more than before) and I am loving watching everything unfold. There are some amazing stories in there! My testimony of the Atonement is being strengthened every single day through reading it. 

The Spanish is sort of coming along. I can at least give a semi- tour now and having Chaparrita around helps a ton cause she is a native...

 Well I think that is all for this week. I can't believe its all ready December! I must say, the temple lights in Mesa AZ blow the LA temple out of the WATER. Don't tell anyone I said so though.

Sure do love you all! Thank you so much for your support and prayers.You have no idea how much they mean to me.

Sista Brink

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