Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas is in... 5 DAYS! Can you believe it? Man... time is a flyin. We are getting all ready for our special "Christmas Eve with the Visitors Center Sisters" Concert and also for our concert we will do on Christmas day too. We will also have a mission wide devotional on Christmas Eve morning. I am singing "Who would imagine a king" with one of the AP's, Elder Tuttle. We made a cool little arrangement of it so it should be good. I love Christmas music! We listen to Jordan Bluth singing "I heard the bells on Christmas Day" over and over again and also 259's Christmas, and just lots others that are wonderful.

It's amazing to be a part of this work, that is all centered on Jesus Christ, at this time of year. I hope I am finally understanding the true meaning of christmas, because, let's be honest... my whole life
Christmas was all about what cool things I was gonna get. Like the year I got my GLite Scooter. Man, that was the year. Ha. But really, Christmas has taken on a new meaning for me. Especially as we watch RWLJ receive our dork 12 Days of Christmas Gifts. Although some of the Elders pitched in and helped us out by giving us a couple ties and a white shirt for church. He says things like "Is this standard for Mormons to do things like this?"  Haha. He has no idea it is us even though it is SO obvious. At first he suspected it was us but thank goodness I used my acting skills to lead him to believe otherwise. On Tuesday we gave him 2 gifts at the same time and we left it on his car at the VC so he would see it when he left and when he got there he just looked at the little christmas
tree, then back at the street, thenat the tree again... And then he came back into the center an said "I believe you could help me solve the mystery as to the christmas tree by my car". I acted so surprised and said "Oh my gosh! Someone is doing you for 12 days!" And then explained it to him. Everyday we sneakily get the presents to him because we can't get into his apartment complex and he is just dying to know who it is and we just won't tell him anything. So much fun. We went to RWLJ's house last night for the first time (all our lessons have been with a member at their house or at the VC) and it was an apartment full of treasures. Come to find out his Dad AND step dad were both pretty big deals. In fact, I held a Academy Award last night. I'll send pictures next week. Roberts step dad won a Academy Award for the composing the music for a film called "Exodus"... I had never heard of it, but I felt pretty cool holding an Academy Award. There were also 2 Golden Globes. No big deal. He came to the VC the other day and told us "At 6 minutes to
midnight last night, I knew the Book of Mormon is true. That verse in Moroni hit me like a 1,2 punch from Muhammad Ali and I know it is true." AWESOME, right?! We are so happy for him. His baptism might be on the 2nd which would make him sad cause he's all pumped for 1/1/11 but we might have to switch it up. It was pretty amazing to hear his testimony of the Book of Mormon.

Speaking of the Book of Mormon. I am now in 3rd Nephi and even though I KNOW what happens, I keep looking down at he dates in the corner of the page and I keep getting more and more nervous because we are now in the A.D's and the people are SO wicked. I really do get stressed
out when I am reading because I am just thinking "HELLO!? CHRIST IS COMING!!!!! GET IT TOGETHER ALL READY!" I am loving this experience of reading it with an emphasis on Jesus Christ. It is TRUE! My testimony of the Atonement is being strengthened every single day as I read too. I'm realizing how weak I really am and how much I HAVE to rely on the Savior for help with His work becasue I really can't do it alone.

Chaparrita has Planter Fasciitis in her feet, so the poor thing is always in pain. She is getting better though because she FINALLY went to the Doctor. She's a stubborn little latina.

Well I really don't have much else to update on besides the awesomeness that is Robert Webster Light Jr.  Really I am so grateful that I get to teach him. He is a miracle! He was telling us a bit about his childhood yesterday and man that guy has just had it rough. It is so amazing to be able to watch him end his search, meet people who ACTUALLY care about him, and take a leap of faith in joining Christs true church. What a blessing.

I hope you all have a wonderful, merry christmas! 5 days til I get to talk to my Mommy. You all should tell Momma Dar how awesome she is this Christmas. I love you all! The Gospel is SO true.

Sista Brink

{PS - READERS  - photos coming soon! }

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