Monday, January 24, 2011

Good-Bye Ruby Reds

Well I really only have an update since Wednesday because we had P-Day on Wednesday last week because we went to the temple in the morning and then had P-Day for the rest of the day so it's only a few days later. I will say, however, that Wednesday seems like it was yearrrrrrs ago haha. Time is so warped on a mission. It FLIES but at the same time is SOOOOO slow. It's weird.

So let's see.... Wednesday was pretty stressful because of finding out my Momma wasn't doing too well. I feel pretty out of the loop which is frustrating, but President Baker was very good to me and let me talk to my Mom on Thursday night. She answered and the tears startewelling but then she swore and we started laughing and I thought "Ha. She is just fine... Same old Momma Dar" haha. She didn't sound too good to be honest, but we got to talk for a while which was wonderful. Not sure if you know this, but my Mom is the greatest Mom in the entire world. She really is wonderful. Everyone in Santa Monica is praying for her, so lucky for her the best ward in the world is on her side! I have always really been loved a lot because my Mom is so amazing, well now everyone really loves my Mom a lot because they think I'm amazing! Funny how that works out :) Only kidding.

We had a ward activity on Saturday night about Missionary Work and how to be prepared for those questions that people will inevitably ask when they find out your Mormon (The best was this week when a man came into the VC asking when Moroni on top of the temple was going to come back to life.... Nice). It was a really great activity and our ward really is amazing. RWLJ was there and he loved it! He is all ready a missionary. SO I was wearing my red ruby flats that have a flower on the top that I found through FATE at Ross a few months ago. Sister Bolton LOVED them. Now let me tell you about Sister Bolton. The first time we ate at her house I was just at a loss of words. She has probably 30 2 ft tall porcelean dolls in her front room in front of her fire place. And then another 50 probably throughout the house. Sister Bolton rarely comes to church without a seriously extreme hat or a huge coat of many colors. She always says some pretty outrageous things during relief society and sunday school and also about what I am wearing or how I look.
She's just a ball of fun really. Last week when we ate a her house, she gave us a "souvenir" (we get souvenirs everytime we go over... usually a beanie baby or a mini doll....) that was her Christmas cards for THIS year, 2011.  She ordered them just after Christmas and wanted us to have one because of how cute they were. She made us swear a solemn oath that we wouldn't show any one in the ward because then they would know what her card was going to be 12 months in advance and we just couldn't allow that to happen! Anyways. SO at the ward party, she kept eyeing my shoes. She asked me where I got them, asked me if I would be there again anytime soon, and then asked if I could try them on. I should've known better than to let her try them on because she just fell in love with my Ruby Reds. She said they matched her outfit (a purple sweat suit with flowers all over it) and that they were the only shoes she's EVER tried on that were wide enough. She told Sis McDonough--her visiting teacher-- that she wanted a pair and to watch for a pair for her. Well I knew that there would probably never be another pair because of how different they were so I fought the idea of giving them to her. If you know me at all you know that Red is my favorite accent color so having a fun pair of red shoes is just what the doctor ordered for sad-can-only-wear-boring-missionary-clothes sister Brinkerhoff. BUT the thing was, she just kept eyeing them and telling Sis McDonough to look at the brand and I just couldn't bare the thought of her NOT going home with my shoes. So I did it. I gave them to her. But really it's ok cause I bought a pair of really ugly sister missionary shoes at payless last week (don't think I've shopped there since the 8th grade. I told you, I'm-a-changin!). She wore them to church the next day with a pair of really fluffy white sox (yeah, I about peed.) and a HUGE red fur coat. It made it allllll worth it. Mind you, after I gave them to her (with a small fight... but it didn't take long for her to accept only on the condition that nobody knew where she got them. haha) she told me that it was a shame that I straightened my hair.

"You need to be grateful for your curls. And you look better with it curly. And younger. But don't listen to what I say... do what you want". thanks sister bolton!. Goodbye Ruby Reds. Hello ugly missionary shoes.

So the Robert Webster Light Jr quote for the week: "When I see what alls out there in the additional scripture to the Bible, I think *HOLY FISH*! I wanna get in on it!" Yes, I will start using the phrase "Holy Fish". Maybe you all should too.
I was able to talk to 2 families on Saturday that were really amazing. The Burns and the Capps. The Burns were actually on "Extreme Home Makeover" for their adorable son who has Brittle Bone Disease. They made everything in his room and bathroom squishy so he would be safe! Isn't that the coolest? Ellen and Jerry had really cool stories about how they got together and more importantly, how they made it to the temple. It was reallly cool to talk to them. And then there was Butch and Bo Capps (I love the name Bo. Yes, I will have a daughter named Bo someday) and they've been married for 50 years and he got baptized a year ago. They have been working on getting to the temple and I sure hope they do. Bo is struggling to quit smoking... it was really interesting becasue I never really thought I could relate to someone like that. But I gave up Sugar and Diet soda and I she was really amazed and shocked when I told her I did that. Sugar has always been an issue for me, and so a couple months ago, I decided to give it up (of course I have had a couple slip ups... Christmas, etc... but for the most part I have been sugar free). She really connected to me and I was able to say "If I could give up sugar you can give up smoking".
She really seemed to believe that and I'd like to think that she will be able to give it up. Maybe it's not even th same thing at all, but hey, we all have our things and only the Lord can help us overcome them.

I finished Genesis this week and I am in Exodus reading about Moses. It's interesting because Moses doubts himself A LOT. He constantly says things in the beginning like "I dont have good speech... why am I to do this??" (obviously not the exact words) and then God says somehting like "don't you know I made you" basically saying how DARE you doubt the calling that I have given you! I think we all can relate to that...I know that I often find myself thinking "what in the world am I doing.... I am NOT cut out for missionary work" and then the Lord says how DARE you do that while he gives me a miracle to be able to be a part of.... He is so good to us. We should never doubt ourselves because we are children of God. If we REALLY knew we were Children of> God, how differently would we treat ourselves, others, go about our day, share the gospel.... all of those things. Maybe we all need to go back to our roots and remember where we came from.

Lets see... Not much else going on. We really are trying to find people to teach,imagine that?! Ha. Really pray for Santa Monica. People either hate us or are on parole it seems. I know there are people out there who are ready and prepared to hear the gospel we just have to find them. We didn't get to have too much time in our area this week because we worked at the VC a lot so hopefully this week we'll have some new investigators to tell you about.

I love this work, I love th Gospel, I love the Lord very very very much!

Sista Brink


  1. Dear Sis. Brinkerhoff:
    It is Darci Maxwell from YASE a few years back. I sure hope you remember me! I just wanted to express how excited I am for you to be serving! I didn't even know. Haha. Shows you how good of a friend I am. But I am touched by your ruby red story. You are an angel! Keep preaching the gospel, someone is just waiting to hear it.

    Love forever!
    "We stand in life at midnight, we are always on the threshold of a new dawn.
    Martin Luther King Jr.

  2. Hi Sista Brink, So wierd to not call you by name, so I will go with your signature. I really am enjoying your stories. You are having some really amazing experiences. Such a lovely person you are. Take care.

    Lorci (Paul's Mom)

  3. Hi Sister Brinkerhoff! How are you doing I'm so excited that I came across your blog! So inspiring. I can't wait to read more. Great stories!

    Luv ya,