Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I Love to See the Temple

 I'm going there someday. Actually, today I all ready went. And it was lovely! We had a "Temple P-Day" today so we had a session at 6:30 AM and then had the day until 3 when we were to be at the VC to do our P-Day stuff.  I love the temple. Simple as that. I still don't understand a lot of things, but I do know that when I am at the Temple, I know that God knows and loves His children and that this really is Jesus Christ's church restored again on the earth. The plan of Salvation is real and true and I am so very grateful for it.

It's been 10 days since my last e-mail so you'd think I would be bursting with fun information but I am a little stuck right now because of some news that my Mom is in the hospital... So I am having a hard time focusing. But I still have a couple miracles and insights to share.

I watched D. Todd Christofferson's CES Fireside that he did at the New Year and it was sooooooo good! He talked about resolutions and that we can set a big goal, but if we don't focus on the necessary things to accomplish daily for that big goal to be accomplished, then the goal will never be reached. I love that. It applies so much to missionary work and to real life because we can't focus on things so far ahead in the future. It is good to look at them occasionally as a measure of
where we are at, but really we need to stay focused and dedicated to the here and now. One minute at a time.

The other night we went to visit a former investigator that we have tried to go see several times but she is never ever home. We were really frustrated to find that, again, she wasn't there. As we walked away, Sister browning said "Maybe we aren't here to see Tamara." Just then a lady walked near with two dogs. We tried to talk to her and she quickly said "I do NOT believe in the Mormon church". "Ok, have a nice day!", we said. Defeated, we kept walking to find another lady walking her dog (dog walking is the THING in Santa Monica. Everyone walks around with little blue baggies that they pick up their poop with. Nice.) so we, somewhat begrdugingly said hello to her.
Lois Barry is her name and she was just the biggest blessing for us that night! We talked for like 20 minutes on the street and basically taught the whole first lesson about the Restoration. She is coming to church on Sunday and we are going to take her a Book of Mormon next week. What a tender mercy.

Classic RWLJ Moment: We were talking about the Book of Mormon (of course. It's his favorite topic. Mine too) and he said "Sister Brinkerhoff. If anyone tries to tell you that the Bible is complete and infallible, give them John 21:25 and tell them to put that in your pipe and smoke it!" I just wish we could take him tracting with us. He tells EVERYONE about the book of mormon! He's such a little missionary.

We love this talk or fireside or something called "The 4th Watch" by something Wilcox (Not Brad Wilcox but someone else) and I LOVE IT! He talks about how we worship a 4th watch god. That we have to endure things until the Lord sees that we can no longer hold out without his help and then he saves us miraculously. He also says that we ask for things in Prayer, exepecting bread from the Lord, but we receive a stone. BUt it's really only US that SEES the answers as a stone. The Lord ALWAYS gives us bread, it just might be a different kind of bread. Our Tamara/Lois story is a perfect example. We went to see Tamara, but the Lord gave us Lois. So amazing.

Ok I have a lot more but I am going to end this one for this week. Thank you all for your love and support! Pray for Momma Dar.

Sista Brink

[NOTE - Sista Brink's mom is home from the hospital now.]

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