Monday, January 3, 2011

Welcome to the Church, RWL Jr!

Yep. "That's right" (that's one of RWLJ's favorite things to say... )  he is baptized! 

The baptism was LOVELY. Truly so amazing. He came in to the VC on Friday and knew the seconds until his baptism. Then I asked him to calculate the seconds til February 2012, and he took me seriously and I had to make him stop cause it would stress me out. Ha. Anyways. So his baptism went like this: Brother Heaton in our Bishopric lead, we sang a hymn to start, then Brother Staples (one of the ward Missionaries who we had at a  couple of RWLJ's lessons) talked on Baptism, then Robert was led to the font with Elder Macdonald ("The man who would be performing the baptism" -RWLJ.. I just wish you could hear the way he says things...) and then he was baptized.  Tears filled my eyes as Elder Macdonald recited the Baptismal prayer. It was amazing! Robert went under, came up and twitched a bit because of the water in his nose and ears, and then Elder Macdonald said "Good Job Robert." And Robert did his priceless chuckle. Then the three of us Missionaries who taught him gave a little Book of Mormon presentation while they changed. It was really amazing to be able to tell everyone there (there was a really good turn out... Santa Monica 1st ward is the best! Also, Roberts 2 step sisters who are not members came... so we were exaplaining the BoM a little bit more simply for them...) that Robert's testimony strengthened my testimony because he just KNEW it was true. He would shout from the rooftops "It couldn't NOT be true! If I was going to write a book, and claim it was true, I certainly wouldn't put a promise in there to ask God if it was true, because someone jsut might do it! And God would tell them it WASNT true! And then I'd be a fraud! ITS TRUE!" The spirit was really strong. Then when he came back out (oh my goodness... failed to mention. So my Mom sent me some like wooden sculpture pins of the nativity for Chrismtas and we gave them to RWLJ for 12 Days of Christmas. Yes, he was wearing 2 of them at his baptism also with his new white shirt and tie the Elders gave to us to give to him with the 12 days also... He looked sharp) all dressed and clean and so happy. I sang "Jesus Once of Humble Birth" (on request from RWLJ... his favorite hymn) and then Brother Webb (our amazing ward mission leader) talked on the Holy Ghost. It was a really powerful talk! And then a couple Brethren  (Brother Elkins and Brother Heaton) welcomed him to the ward. It was a wonderful day. Truly. I just thought to myself during it "this is why I am here." We talked to Robert last night and he said "Sisters. I'm exhausted... I think my body is just finally relieved from so much searching for truth. Today, I was able to stop my search." Pretty powerful stuff. The Gospel is TRUE. He is so excited to do the work for his family and is all ready preparing for the temple. We are so happy for him.

To back track a few days.... I finished the Book of Mormon on New Years Eve. Sister Browning and I read the last chapter in Moroni together. And then I said a little prayer to follow through with Moroni's promise and then Sister Browning and I just looked at each other and said "Yep. Its true.". I am so grateful for that challenge President gave us. I'm even more excited to read it again! (all ready started actually... and marking in a really cool way that I'm excited about... ). New Years morning we had a mission conference where President gave us the new Stand of Excellence for 2011. The Standard of Excellence is just a standard to shoot for with number of baptisms etc. The mission had 751 baptisms in 2010 and we are going for 850 for 2011. Robert was number 3 of 2011 and he was baptised on the 2nd. The work is going forward! So exciting. I was really excited about setting goals... If you know me well, you know that I am a GREAT goal setter and a GREAT goal giver-upper. But 2011 is gonna be different! For REALS! I'm so excited to accomplish my goals for reals this year.

I started reading the Old Testament yesterday. Of course I thought of "Children of Eden" and all of the scriptures wad me sing the songs. Ha. I'm excited to read it and familiarize myself with those stories.

The VC is still just happening! People just keep flocking there and I have been able to see a lot of miracles. It really is a unique experience to be able to teach someone a lesson, have them agree to
the missionaries coming over, and then sending them on their way only to hope and pray that they are baptized at some point. I have to believe they will be.

Well I am going to close now, even though I think there is a lot that  I missed... but such is life. RWLJ's baptism was definitely the highlight of the week so at least I got to go into a lot of detail about that!

 I am so grateful for this Gospel and especially the Book of Mormon. 
Sista Brink 

dreams of things to come....

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