Monday, February 21, 2011

I have a new companion! Her name is Sister LeeAnn Cass and she is from American Fork UT.

This is actually her last transfer so I am brainstorming  how I am going to kill her (mission lingo... when someone goes home, they "die" and their companion is the "killer"... Kinda stupid, I know... the things that entertain missionaries...). We get along really great. She was one of the first friends I made at the VC and then she left the VC for 2 transfers so it was kind of a shocker to find out she was coming back. She is just a little sassy gal with really short pixie hair (yes, I covet it and miss my old hair. BUT my hair is almost to my shoulders... longest it's been for a while!). She is a pastry chef, BUT her companion is off sugar so that won't come into much practice... except that we have people to take treats too :) Sometimes we bribe investigators with treats. Works everytime to get into their house for a lesson!

This week was great. Kinda crazy with transfers but stilll great. Sister Cass joined me in Santa Monica so I am officially the one in charge because I am supposed to know the area. You'd think I would after being here for 3 transfers but I still have to look at the map (GPS system anyone?) but I guess that's good for me to understand how to actually read a map. Ok I'm making myself look stupid, I am doing quite all right telling us how to get to and fro. It was fun to introduce our ward to Sassy Cassy and they all  welcomed her, of course. Have I mentioned how wonderful the Santa Monica 1st ward is?

 Speaking of church. It was such a treat to be sitting in the chapel and to hear that my dear friend and fellow ex-young ambassador Taylor Eliason would be singing!
Hello, Taylor!
 I thought his head looked familiar from behind! He did a fantastic job with Steven Nielson on the piano. Turns out Steven's Grandparents serve in my ward (the McBrides' they are WONDERFUL) as the Institute directors in Santa Monica. The spirit was so strong and I was so proud to know Taylor and it was fun to see him even though I wanted to give him a squeeze.

ANd THEN Jason Klingler and Freeman came into the VC and I wanted to give them a squeeze too! BUT I refrained, don't worry. Some sisters had told me that I had some friends stop by and that they would be back during my shift... When they told me it was a tall, skinny guy from Springville I was  SO excited that I would get to see my dear friend Jason! And then such a surprise that Jason Klingler was there too! Apparently he goes by Kevin now (Thank to Sean Kent... I miss you guys) but he is still the same sweety that was Jason to me. Anyways, so fun to see them and I am so lucky to have great  friends.
Jason and Jason!

They got to meet RWLJ cause he was at the VC which was fun too. I'm glad they got to experience how amazing my little RWLJ is!

The RWLJ quote for the week might be the best yet. So we are watching Legacy and if you haven't seen this movie, it's definitely one of the more "romantic" movies in the church. There are FOUR kisses, and lots of lovey dovies. SO Eliza and her husband are walking down the trail, and next thing we know Eliza is pregnant. So sister Cass says in a rhetorical manner, "HOW does she get PREGNANT on the TRAIL?!?!" I knew that a response was coming from Robert... He waited a second... and then said, very simply, "Probably the same way they get pregnant OFF the trail... and I think they knew how!"HAHAHAHAHAH. We were laughing SO hard. It was quite wonderful. And then Robert got a hold of some videos of me singing in a showstopping way" (RWLJ quote) and he could hardly contain himself when he called that night. He said "Sister Brinkerhoff. you've got REAL talent! I mean, I always thought you were just a prety singer, but BOY did you blow my socks off! And if you give a concert, BYE NELLY You're gonna see me there!" Oh I hope I do
someday. I hope I do.

We had another lesson with Eddie and Brother Webb was there again also. Eddie is so great. He really is searching for peace, but he hasn't been keeping his commitments by reading and praying, so he isn't really noticing a difference. Pray for him! He needs the Gospel so very much. He is such a good man. Our .lesson with him was really spiritually packed, and Bro Webb bore such an amazing testimony, and tears really were in my eyes as I looked at Eddie who wants so badly to see his son again. It's just an ugly situation... He needs the Gospel SOOOOO bad.We have been contacting a lot of Less Actives... It's really interesting to hear why some people leave the church. We have really gotten to be friends with one in our ward who seems to want to come back! How amazing is it that the Lord knows who we need to go see and he helps us along the way. The Lord will help us in every aspect of our lives if we will but just head his counsel

I had a sweet experience yesterday with a brother who I have become really great friends with from his few visits at the VC. His name is Allen Lunt. His wife died last year, and he is a sealer in the LA temple. When he comes in he says "Oh Sister Brinkerhoff I just want to give you a hug!" And I feel the same. He is just the sweetest man and I am so glad he is my friend. Yesterday he brought in his temple prep class from his ward and we had such a lovely time together. Brother Lunt bore testimony over and over again and always with tears in his eyes. He truly is a man who is close to the spirit. These sweet people who are preparing to go to the temple were so emotional during a movie about the family being together forever. How wonderful is this gift of the plan of salvation that we have! And I know that I have taken it for granted for so long and not really looked at the true blessing it is to have the temple. After seeing these people doing everything they can to get to the temple so that they can do the work for their family members, I have decided that I will never take it for granted again. I hope I always attend the temple.

Well I think that is all I have for the week. It's almost March! Let's find the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow (see attached pciture... yep, this is my land :)
Somewhere over the rainbow...

 I love you all, thank you for your support, prayers, friendship and love!

Sista Brink
Last Lesson with Sis. Browning and Robert
Saying Goodbye to some Sisters :(

Me and Sis woods.... a lady in our ward that we teach... she is just slowly dying of an awful disease. She has NO bone anymore hardly and it's all chipped in her feet. So awful. We love her.

Remember when I told you about Sis Bolton and the dolls? Here they are. I wasn't lying.

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  1. Sister Brink!!!! Hey hey! I was thinking of you today, stalked you on facebook and found this link to your mission blog. I am so excited for you being on a mission. What an incredibly shaping, growing and amazing experience. These experience that you are sharing will be ones you think of daily for the rest of your life. Sounds like you are doing well- you are a rock star!! Love, Emily Blewitt