Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I Love, Love, I Love Being in Love

Sometimes I miss my music (my subject line is a song by the Format if you didn't know....) BUT I AM in love with missionary work. (Cliche, I know... but... I am... so get off it...)

This week was pretty wonderful. In 2 days I start transfer #4 and it's about time because this transfer was waaaaay slow, but I am excited for a new one. Sis Browning and I both have a feeling that she is leaving me, but we will just have to see. I'm honestly OK with whatever happens. Anyways... So this week...

We had a lesson with Eddie on Tuesday night and our amazing ward mission leader, brother Webb, came. Eddie is just such a nice, down- to- earth guy who happens to have been in a gang for 15 years and has tattoos all over his body. But honestly, he is one of the nicest guys I've ever met. And he wants to know God and he wants to help people. He's really cool. We talked about how the Book of Mormon will help him in his life... His insight about his religious beliefs were really helpful in understanding him a bit more. We introduced baptism, but we had to leave so hopefully we will be able to invite him to be baptized this week. He was really interested to know what we believed baptism was.

There is nothing like talking to a polish woman for 5 minutes and then realizing that she is saying nothing but the F word.... but then her agreeing to us coming back. Nice, right?!

Bad experience with a Lithuanian... I'll have to explain in person one of these days.... Let's just say, lithuanians DONT like when people speak Russian to them... (I should know that, I know... but it was worth a shot.)

We had a mini mission on Saturday which was so much fun! If you don't know, a mini mission is where the youth in a stake all go on "splits" with the missionaries and experience real missionary life for a day. I had Sister Hazel Fakava as my companion and we had such a great experience. 
 We tried to go see the Polish lady (probably a good thing she wan't there so that my poor little companion wouldn't be scarred. I was even a little scarred and I've heard a lot of bad language haha), and then we went to go see a less active named Gary. We walked to Gary's house, talking to a few people on the way and after every person we talked to  Sis Fakava said "That was so awesome! Ahg this is sooo cool!" and it made me realize how cool it really is to be able to bear testimony all day about the restoration of the gospel. Nothing like a 15 year old girl smacking me back in check, right? Anyways. We got to Gary's and he was playing the piano inside... So we knocked like 4 times but he didn't come to the door. In those situations, it's ALWAYS such a huge temptation to just say "Well we better not interrupt him,..." But I couldn't bear the thought of letting my cute companion think that that was ok to do so I said that we should say a prayer that he would hear the knock and come to the door. You guessed it, prayer works. We knocked again and then came smiling, friendly and tender-hearted Gary to the door. We got to talk to him for a while... It was really neat. He seems to have had a pretty rough time, though we didn't go into detail. We are hopefully going to go back and see him this week though. Sis Fakava was SO excited about the prayer working. I guess I had lost a bit of faith and she helped me restore it. Thanks my little Sissy!

Robert was ordained into the Priesthood yesterday! It was really sweet. It was actually a great meeting altogether. In Sacrament, the topic was Worship through Music and the talks were fantastic. I sang "Savior Redeemer" which is always a joy. My testimony really is wrapped up in that song and I loved looking out at my ward and seeing all of these faces of people who have truly touched my life in many ways. Such an opportunity and blessing to serve in this ward. Elder Macdonald (our VC director who has really taken RWLJ under his wing) performed the ordination. He is such a tender man and is very sensitive to the spirit. As he teared and choked up during the blessing, I realized that THIS is what Alma is talking about when he says that our joy would be full if we were to save but one soul. (Alma 29:9) I am so grateful to have been able to be a part of the Webster Legacy! (That's what RWLJ always says..."You had a hand in my conversion, sister Brinkerhoff, so you are a part of the Webster Light legacy!") I could die a happy camper knowing that I am a part of the Robert Webster Light Jr legacy. Nothing in my life will have such a meaningful effect :)

Last night at the VC, a group called "A Chosen Generation" from Orem UT came and performed. I knew a few of the kids from Young Ambassador camp and it was such a joy to be able to see them up there, singing their hearts out for what they believe. I felt like a proud parent. The youth of the world really are the strength of the earth! We need them and need to help them understand WHO THEY ARE! There is one girl in our ward who we try to work with and she just has no idea who she is because of the things she continues to be involved with. It is heartbreaking, truly. How can we help the youth understand that they are truly children of God? I am grateful that my Mom tried so hard to help me understand that... even still, it was hard to really believe it, but with someone constantly saying "I wish you could see yourself the way Christ sees you" it made things a lot easier. Thanks Mom.

Well I believe that is all for my stories this week. Pray for Eddie... He needs the Gospel!!! I am so happy to be a missionary and so grateful for this opportunity I have to serve. I wouldn't be anywhere else at this time and I know that the Lord is so very mindful of every single one of us, his children, and he only desires that we come home to him.

I love you all!
Sister Brinkerhoff

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  1. I will never forget that day for as long as I live! One of the greatest experiences in my life that has inspired me to serve a mission as well. :) I always wanted to check out your blog when you told me. Funny that I stumbled upon it while googling my name. I miss you Sister Brink! Thanks for the wonderful much needed missionary experience.

    -Sister Fakava