Monday, March 28, 2011

Transfer #5 Begins!

Now thats a crazy thought. I am in my 5th transfer all ready. 5 might not seem like very much... but if you think about it, I only have 12 transfers. SO I am almost half way done which is MADNESS!

I had a really funny dream last night.... So my whole family shows up at the VC and they knew it was P-day so they came prepared with water games to go play in a park with me. I said I could go, after some serious hesitation (Well DUH! That's breaking a SERIOUS rule) and my companion said we could go too. The whole dream I was thinking (as myself IN the dream) "Oh my gosh this is so bad. What am I doing? They are gonna kick me out!" But the best part is that they brought a friend (not sure who it was...) along and he said "Hey, Bay, your Mom wanted to give you a gift for your mission" and then he puts a CD and it's " Yo I'll tell you what I want what I really really want... If you wanna be my lover" by Spicegirls and I was just jammin out in the car while my companion was stressing out in the drivers seat. HA. I promise, this was only a dream. I woke up VERY grateful that I was in my tiny apartment and not breaking any rules. Ha. The dreams of a missionary... I should keep a dream journal cause some of them are pretty classic. Also Embarrassing.

I can't believe Joe Arnett is engaged. How DARE he get married knowing I won't be able to be there! He's not invited to my wedding then either. TAKE THAT JOE! Only teasing, I'm so happy for you my life long best buddy! Can't wait to meet her!She better be AMAZING. I'm sure she is... What a lucky gal too! Ah I'm so happy for you Joe Joe. Love you! You better not have a little Bay when I get home (you are gonna name a child after me, right? I thought we agreed..."

Whew. I think I say this every week, but THIS week TRULY was a whirlwind. Last Pday seems like YEARS ago. And next time I e-mail I might be in a different area. I really hope not... but it's extremely possible because I have been in Santa Monica for 6 months... So it might be time for a change.

There is an amazing man named Sid who I just love. He is Jewish and he owns a hotel in Santa Monica. I think I might've talked about him before. Anyways... We saw him on Tuesday and had a great discussion about religion and Christ. It's interesting because it seems as though he just goes with his beliefs as more of a tradition. Maybe that's the case for a lot of Jewish people, which is totally understandable because when you grow up believing something and being told it is true, then it does become a tradition. The great thing about our church is that we are all invited to find out for ourselves what is truth. I am so grateful that I had great examples growing up to teach me truth, BUT even more grateful that I learned that I needed to find out for myself. And I did. And guess what? ITS TRUE. Anyways... Sid invited us to a Sader dinner to start the passover off... I really hope I'm around so that I can go. I sang for him, and the deal was that he has to come to the VC now. So hopefully soon he will come to the VC and feel the spirit testify to him that Christ really was the Messiah. I think he knows it... just scared to actually do something about it. Which is completely understandable.

We had a lesson with Perla! Hallelujah! Seriously this is a BIG deal because she always SETS appointments and seems really interested in learning, but then flakes. So it was a huge miracle that she was there. Ok, so she might've forgotten about the appointment, but she still let us in and we talked for an hour. She is very confused because after her husband was shot and killed a few years ago, she started really wanting to find religion and peace. SO she met with the Jehovas Witness', 7th Day, Catholic, and Mormons. Man, can you imagine how frustrated her brain is? So we talked about the Plan of Salvation which confused her more because of all the opposing ideas about the afterlife, and then talked about the "so what?" of it all. And it all comes down to, once again, being able to receive a personal revelation of truth. That is why the Book of Mormon has withstood the trials it has undergone. Because it's proof is in the reading and the praying to find out from THE source if it is true. So pray that Perla will do that. It will be a great day when she goes to the temple to be sealed to her husband.

Sandy is doing Ok. We had a bit of  situation with the ward this week but I'd rather not go into it here... But she is just very overwhelmed and not quite sure what she wants to do. Poor thing, she is just the most humble woman with a huge desire to do good. But she also has stage 3 breast cancer... So she is just frustrated. I hope she can really understand how the Gospel will help her. I have faith she will.

STILL can't get a hold of Lois. Touchy subject. Rather not talk about it. Haha.

Got a surprise call at the VC this week. You know who you are. And it was fun :)

Yesterday a man from india walked into the VC and said "Why is the church not open... isn't this your big day?" talking about the temple. Which is always perfect because right close to the front entrance, we have pictures of inside the temple with descriptions that we can explain what goes on. We had a great lesson and talked about the book of mormon. He was fascinated by Moroni 10:3-5 about reading and praying to know (seems like that's the subject of my letter today... There seems to be a pattern) and I really believe he will do just that! It was a neat experience.

After 6 months of becoming less- high maintenance, Sis Cass and I are going to get Pedicures today for her last pday. I never thought I would let my feet look as bad as they do right now. Oh the sacrifices.. Hahah. Only teasing. I'm not going to lie though, I'm excited to get a nice foot rub. And Sis Cass deserves one, she is going home on Wednesday! Crazy. It was funny getting her all ready to go home. During our weekly planning session, I made her set number goals ( while I set number goals for the next week) for how many people she will meet etc. Haha I'm so mean. She's really nervous about dating and stuff... I guess I will be that way too someday. Weird.

I was going to share a scripture favorite, but I am running out of time... Next week. Thank you all for the support, letters, and love! I miss you all very much but I am so happy to be doing what
I am doing...

Sista Brink

Saying Good-bye to our favorite member, Tiffany!

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  1. Hey Bailey - This is Chet, Joy and Betsey. Love your blog almost as much as we love you. We're so proud of you and happy for you. You are such a blessing to those you meet. Keep up the good work and it won't be too long before we see you again. Much Love, the Arnett's