Monday, March 14, 2011

Wonder of Wonder, Miracle of Miracles!

It's really amazing how good the Lord is being to Santa Monica. Really, we are experiencing miracle after miracle and I am so grateful. I'm not sure even where to start.

We were able to meet with Sandy on Tuesday of last week and we had a great lesson about the Restoration of the Gospel. The Spirit was really strong and we invited her to be baptized and she said yes! She is preparing for Baptism for the 16th of April. PRAY that I don't get transferred out of Santa Monica this next transfer... there is just too much good happening. Sandy and her two boys came to church yesterday! There I was, the opening prayer about to be said and tears are just welling and my neck is sore from straining it to see if they are walking in, and then the prayer and I really did pray hard that I would be OK if they didn't come, but PLEASE help them to come, and then I opened my eyes, resolved that they weren't coming and then Sis Cass says "They're here!" They scurried to a bench and I scurried over to sit by them. We truly do worship a "4th watch God" (if you don't know what I am talking about, refer to a past e-mail...) and I am so grateful for the moments that Heavenly Father lets us struggle because then WAM! He gives us the blessing. Truly amazing. Sandy's eldest son has autism and he usually only speaks in rap. It's pretty hilarious. Brother Webb (ward mission leader) said "Hey Buddy we'll see ya next week" and Brandon responded (in a rap): "Next time you see me, it'll be with twice the force... I'm a G..." and something else along those lines. Truly wonderful. Matthew, the younger son who is 9,  went to primary and I was actually asked to play the piano in Primary so I got to see him interact with the other kids and he did great! His teacher was of course amazing and really included him. I am so grateful for the Santa Monica 1st ward! It was a great experience. After church, they all came to the VC with Sis Hurst and they stayed for quite a long time. Matthew kept saying "Hey can we go see this again... hey can we watch another movie..." It was so fun to be able to feel the spirit. Sandy is an amazingly patient woman. And so humble. She has zero hair so she wears a wig and she wears it proudly! Her cancer is pretty bad. Pray for her.

Robert Webster Light Jr is officially a sacrament passer. He made SURE that we sat on a row that he would serve the Sacrament to so that he would be able to give us our bread and water. Awwwww. He wrote a song for the Visitors Center Sisters on the piano and we had a "Premier" for it on Wednesday and it was so much fun to see him share this piece that he had worked so hard on. Afterwards he gave a little speech and said "This has a little bit of each of you in it... you've changed my life". He is just the best. He always calls me an "artist" because once I made a calendar with him and drew some music notes or something on it so he thinks I am a musician AND an artist. SO if you know me, you know that at one point in my life I REALLY did think I was going to be an artist. So I started practicing drawing and would draw peoples head shots and anything I wanted to really. And if you have seen any of them, you KNOW that I am, in fact, an AWFUL artist. SO to prove to Robert how bad I am at it, I drew him. See attached picture... He still wanted me to sign it after my begging him to throw it away saying "Robert I don't want you to think this is what I think you look like!!!!" And he said "Sister Brinkerhoff... this was drawn in love. I will keep it forever." 

Great. Just great. He's such a delicate little thing.

Alls I'm sayin is I hate stupid daylight savings... It throws me off and I HATE exercising in the dark. Just saying, Arizona really knows whats up by NOT having daylight savings. Losing a precious hour of sleep as a missionary is torture. Just sayin.

Something fun happened, but also VERY naughty. If you want to know, ask my Mom because I don't' want to be judged, and it was HER fault. I didn't do anything wrong! But Mom, I loved every second :)

Well I actually have a lot of other things BUT I am running out of time and need to write a couple other e-mails, so I think that will do for today :) Really, pray for Sandy and her family.

I love this work, I love the Gospel, I love being a croc-wearing-missionary (just don't tell anyone) and I love all of you!

Sista Brink

p.s. the purple shoes were a gift from Sis Bolton, the one I gave my darling red flats to... Fair trade, don't ya think?


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