Monday, March 21, 2011

The Ups and Downs

That is the most common theme of a mission: Ups and Downs. The ups are REALLY ups and the downs are REALLY downs. This week we had a bit of both.

We met a guy named Herschel at the 3rd Street Promenade last Monday during P day and he stopped us and said "Hey, I didn't know there were girl missionaries." Turns out, he had met with the Elders a couple of times before... We talked for a sec and I asked him if he'd ever prayed about the Book of Mormon and he sort of ignored the question. But then we asked if we could meet up and talk more about it. He said sure, and then we set an appointment with him for later in the week. When I called to confirm, we got into a long conversation on the phone about the Book of Mormon. I have to be honest, it was really frustrating. It's hard when people aren't even open to trying it out and experimenting with it. "The Book is TRUE! And it will CHANGE your life!" is what I wanted to scream, but he couldn't get over "additional scripture", meaning, he didn't want to read anything other than the Bible. Which is sad, because while the Bible is wonderful to read and understand, it is imperfect. The Book of Mormon is pure. Anyways, so we confirmed our appt and then he wasn't there. So I called him last night to set something else up, we had another long conversation, and then content to face it, I had to just realize that he is not ready. And then, like clockwork, this morning he called and said he didn't want to meet. The only thing that can come from a low like that is a high, so this week we are bound to see some amazing miracles.

We were able to contact a former investigator named Kathy. Well, she was actually not really an investigator but we contacted her once and then she bailed on all of our appointments. When we miraculously found her at home on Tuesday, we explained the apostasy and the need for the Book of Mormon to her and she said she would meet with us this week. PRAY SHE KEEPS HER APPOINTMENT! Sometimes I don't have full faith in people because they have toyed with my emotions haha. It's interesting how much being a missionary is like dating... I get to a point sometimes where I am jaded, so then I don't want to really attach myself to anyone else or believe that something good can come from it because I don't want to get hurt again. Hahahahahah... That's kinda funny how that ties in perfectly actually. Realizing Herschel wasn't ready was like realizing you aren't really going to keep dating someone. Man, thats funny. But nonetheless, I am going to have faith that Kathy will keep her return appointment and will feel the spirit prompting her to pray about the Book of Mormon.

Another former potential investigator, Perla, came back into the scheme. She is going to meet with us this week (PRAY!) so that is exciting. These two ladies (Perla and Kathy) I've never been able to quite let go of. Once you "drop" someone, meaning you no longer try to set up appointments for a while, you usually just go on and not forget about them, but you definitely don't keep going back. And yet I have never been able to stop thinking about these 2 so maybe that means something. I will have faith! I will not be jaded!!!

Transfers are coming up this next week, the 30th, and it's really gonna be interesting what happens. There are 5 sisters leaving and ZERO coming in... So right now we have 2 sets of sisters in the Santa Monica area, but because we won't have enough sisters, they will probably only keep one which means its very likely that they'll kick me out because my companion is leaving anyway. Sad. I hope not, but It's possible.

Sandy is doing... Ok... She is homeless at the moment, staying with Sis Hurst. But hopefully today she might be able to find a place. She didn't come to church yesterday because she was sick so that was a bummer. We had dinner with them on Friday and discussed the possibility of her finding a place to stay etc. She might have to move to downtown LA which would be really sad but the missionaries there would take care of her. Her youngest son, Matthew, started reading the chapters we have assigned Sandy! He came to church yesterday with Sis Hurst also which was fantastic. He's just such a cute kid. He wants to be baptized too. Brandon can't really internalize the teachings, so it will be up to Sandy if she wants him to be baptized or not... Sandy is an amazing woman. She opened up about her life a bit and MAN she has just been through it. It's hard for me to hear things like that and not tear up, which I don't want to do because I don't want her to feel uncomfortable or anything. I just really am so grateful for the blessings I have had in being raised in the Gospel and with a roof over my head and all of the amazing things my family has done for me... I can't even express how humbling it is when you see someone who has nothing just trying to get by.

Speaking of that... we went to go see a former investigator a couple days ago. She is a young single mom. We pulled up to her house and walked up the walkway and there were 2 men totally drunk out on the porch watching TV. We talked to them for a second and then the most darling little girl came to the window and starting making faces and talking with me. I fell in love with her! Then the men explained that her Mom was somewhere with her boyfriend. AHG! So sad..I wanted to take the little girl home with me. My eyes are being a little more opened everyday.

Speaking of Moms... My Mom is the best. Really. But that's not what I was gonna say. Sis Beck is really pushing that we need to teach the youth how to have successful families... So our VC Director and his wife are really encouraging us as Sisters to not only be strengthening our testimonies etc but to be preparing for Motherhood. It's definitely given me a new perspective on how I can prepare now to be a good Mom like my Mom was to me. I better start now cause I have a LOT to work on.

Lois didn't come to church yesterday (a definite low) but we saw her last week on her birthday and she said she has started telling everyone that "the Mormons got it right". Haha! She and her husband are both reading the book of mormon so its definitely just a matter of time until she has enough time to really learn and progress towards baptism. Hopefully we will be able to have a lesson with her this week.

OH! So we found Storm again and her dad came out and talked to us. Turns out he is the youngest of the Debarge brothers that sang "The Rhythm of the Night" in the 80s! Hahaha. Some people from Warner Bros were at their house when we stopped by because they are trying to make Storm a star. The Dad talked to us for a bit saying that he was really glad we have been coming back and that he is really proud of Storm for taking the initiative to learn more. So cool. Definitely an UP!

My hand hurts from typing... So I'm gonna close. I love this work so much and I am so grateful I get to be a missionary. It's the best thing ever. THE GOSPEL IS TRUE! ABSO-FRUITLY

Sista Brink

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