Thursday, July 14, 2011

And Then it was the 13th

And then it was the 14th. And then it was August. Time just goes by so fast.

First off. a VERY special person had a birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY COURT! I hope you had the best day ever. I sent a little gift today (along with a very over due gift for my niece Jaider baiders... sorry so late but I LOVE YOU!). Of course I thought of you, and how that was the hottest day EVER when Linz and Ty got marriaged. Weird how long ago that was. Anyways, I love you and your incredible. And your present has everything to do with me, so I'm sure you'll love it :) I love you so much and am so grateful for you.

This e-mail will be short because I used like 20 minutes to do this survey thing. Silliness. And probably really important.

My Sister and Brother in law are silly gooses. BUT it was SO amazing to see them and show them off to everyone. Linz of course came to see me and ended up making friends with everyone at the center, missionaries, visitors... who knows who. It was so amazing. The boys are huge. I'm trying not to feel too guilty since I technically didn't do anything wrong, so it's on them :)

We went to the temple this morning. It was of course amazing. I just love that place with all of my heart. I realized how lucky I am to have always been in very close proximity to the temple. In Mesa, Provo, and now here. And then have been able to visit many temples around the world. I think I always took it for granted to live so close. I won't do that again! Being able to go every other transfer is so wonderful, though I wish it were more. Being in there, you CANNOT deny that this is real. Kind of confusing and overwhelming at times, but SO real. Oh so real.

We will be e-mailing again on Monday because we had Preparation Day on Wednesday, today, to go to the temple so we will still have normal P-day come this monday. So I will probably make that one a tad longer.

But just a quick update:

Skeema is taking a break from us. It's weird- I really feel like when your in a break in a relationship and its like "should I call?... No.... Text?... Noo...... " and its just so hard. Kind of ridiculous. I just love and care about her so much. Want her to have the happiness that we have in the Gospel. BUT then theres this thing called agency... which is totally another subject for another post.

Granny G.... brought me some shoes and a scarf she knitted. She says it's doing charity :) Which it is, so I gladly accept. She is adorable. Slightly difficult to understand, but adorable. We are really trying to find a good fellowshipper for her. This is one of those times that I need Momma Dar to just invite Granny G over for Daves Barbecue (speaking of Daves.... I miss that. I wish there was a way you could send me some Daves cornbread hahahaha. Mmmmmmm. Probably wouldn't help Candace (my mission baby... the weight gainage. Yes, she has a name. Candace.)

Ok well I think that is going to be all for now.

OH! I FINISHED THE OLD TESTAMENT! Seriously, the best news ever because it took me 6 months and I am just so happy that its done. Movin on to read the mission library and the new testament. Love it.

Things are good. Life is good. The Gospel is true.

Sista Brink

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