Monday, August 1, 2011

August, Seriously?!

That's enough, time. Chill out. You're driving me crazy. Just relax and stop moving so fast. (This was meant to be a conversation with time, but reading it I think it should actually be a conversation with myself. Ha)

Quadra was baptized! And Confirmed! Hooray. It was a lovely experience. Her Mom was there and was very touched, even to tears. She really opened up about her situation and she said "maybe I will be next". It is just amazing how the Lord works and how he prepares His children to receive this wonderful Gospel. Probably the best part was her testimony. Will have to tell you about it in person. 

She is just amazing.

Granny G: She is still progressing although we are taking it slow. She has concerns that we are trying to resolve. The ward is being really friendly, but she is not really receiving the friendliness that well which is frustrating, but she is doing great.

Skeema is still in "avoidance mode" as she calls it. She says she doesn't want to meet with us, only her friend that introduced her to the Gospel, until she is no longer "hostile" to the church. She just feels bad that she ends up being frustrated and doesn't want us to feel bad... we are still in contact and hopefully soon she will be ready.

Anastasia:  WONDERFUL. She is just super prepared and ready. She accepts everything, even before we teach it. She learned, for example, last Sunday that we don't buy things on Sunday so she told her friends she couldn't go to eat with them. We didn't even teach it to her, she learned from a friend. So amazing. She is going to Europe for a couple weeks so she will be baptized end of August.

I spoke in church yesterday, which was also my Dad's birthday. I spoke about a talk called "To the Rescue" by pres. Monson. It's a great talk about reaching out to others and helping them back into activity in the church or just being a friend. I was talking about how sometimes, we want to help someone but we think we have to go about it in this very complicated and extravagant way, when really its super simple and they might just need a note or a smile or just a phone call. I told a story about my sister asking my Dad to draw her a heart and he took it very seriously, wanting to help her, and drew a full - fledged scientific-looking heart. And then she said "I just wanted a Valentines Heart, Dadd". He did what she wanted, but in a way that was completely unnecessary, although very sweet. We might overlook what someone REALLY needs by giving them what we THINK they need. I really thought about that story though and how it relates to our lives. We over-complicate things so much (I am the most guilty of this, promise) when really if we would focus on the bigger picture and really listen to the promptings that come to us, we would realize that life is very simple and that God brings about his eternal purposes by "small and simple things". Great lesson to be learned from my Daddy. I miss him. And I have been so blessed on my mission to receive very special promptings that I KNOW I will see him again. Absolutely. This plan is wonderful.

Fun not-so-surprise visit from Sean, Adam, Jason, Josh and Max Crandall at the Visitors Center. It was so fun to chat and show them the VC! Great friends. Hopefully Sean will be able to last 7 more months without calling or showing up. I love how he has weaseled his way into communicating with me more than maybe anyone else. No more calling the VC, Sean! Love ya :) SO good to see you and all you other boys too!

AND Adam Norberg and his cute family are now in one of the wards I serve in! So fun!


ok a couple funny quotes since I have some more time and no more updates.

Get ready to pee your pants.

This was a man from our wards opening prayer in a lesson with Granny G.
"Dear Heavenly Father, we thank you for this GLORIOUS weather. We have it good! While others are SWELTERING like the people in New York. They don't even have air conditioning. we HAVE air conditioning! But we have great weather. So, thank you..."

This was funny. A conversation between me and RWLJ. He's the best.

Me: "Robert. Bangs, or no bangs? You liked the bangs?
RWLJ: I loved the bangs! They were the first thing I noticed about you!"

Granny G said, while we taught the Word of Wisdom :" I TOLD YOU! If you convince the people in Italy to not drink Coffee, you win". (It's funnier in her Italian accent)

This was funny too. Sis Bodily is bearing testimony to her, and she stops her and says "You are a very innocent girl." Then I said "What about me?!" And a quick response :"No." Hahaha.Fun times.

Allrighty well I don't have anything else today. I love the letters (those of you who write! The rest of you probably should send Sista Brink a note!) and I am grateful for all of you! Thank you for the support, prayers, love etc etc. I am a lucky sista!

Sista Brink

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