Tuesday, August 23, 2011

"Who am I? I'm Sister Brinkerhoff!" (of course to the tune of Jean Valjean's infamous song from Les Mis)

We had a Zone Conference this week and Kevin R. Duncan of the 70 was the speaker. A big theme was "Who am I?" with the idea that we should do everything with the knowledge that we are disciples of Jesus Christ, missionaries who are called to aid in His work to "bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man". He talked about waking up and KNOWING who we are. I've been thinking a lot about that this week, and, inevitably, have found myself singing with the voice of my favorite Jean Valjean who I can mimmick perfectly but of course can't remember his name, "Who am I?! Who am ?! 24601!!!!!!!!".

SO. Who am I? And who do I WANT to become? And who HAVE I become this past year?

Who am I. I am a missionary for Gods church. I am a "bridge builder" as Elder Duncan put it, in helping people to bridge the gap between themselves and salvation. I am a disciple of Jesus Christ. I am kinda crazy. (Ok I kinda feel like I'm doing a Mormon.org video thing... where its like "I'm a blah, I'm a blah., I'm a blah, and I'm a Mormon. I've thought a lot about what mine would say. I'd probably say something ridiculous like "I'm nuts. You've probably seen me on TV. I'm impatient. And I'm a Mormon." Bahahahahaha.) And most importantly, I am a Child of God.

What do I want to become. Lots of things. Too many things probably. But I'm still gonna try. We talked about talents yesterday in Gospel Principles and someone asked me "Do you think ANYONE can learn to sing?" And I said "Yes." And I really believe that that is true. They might not be Eden Espinoza but they could learn to sing a tune. SO it made me think about how we can truly develop ANY talent if we really want to! And there are so many I need and want to develop that I know God is preparing me TO develop. Like Patience with Children... cause right now, not so much patient. But I am working on it. I want to become a good wife and mother, who knows where the priority is, with valuable skills to be able to help further the kingdom! What a wonderful work we are about.

Who have I become. Better I hope. I think I have... I mean I'm definitely still me, no doubt about it, I think I'm just a little more centered. More aware of the bigger picture. More willing to try and love not only myself but others for who they (And I) are. I'm a little less worldy (although... I still do love shopping. I get it, it's a problem). I try and think about others more than about myself (does wonders, truly). Sometimes I worrrrrry that I haven't changed at all, that I have just "been here" without any real progression so it's good for me to take a look back and realize how much I have grown. Not just in size, although that is much more apparent to me than maybe some of the spiritual traits.

Anyways. Zone Conference was amazing, of course. Kevin R. Duncan is an incredible person. Wow. The spirit was extremely powerful throughout the entire thing, it was really neat. I don't have my notes here with me now, but there are some good things that came from that day! Really made me excited to get out and find more people who are prepared to receive the Gospel.

And we ARE finding people!

For every other area but ours! But I'm not about to fall into the "woe is me" trap because I learned my lesson. SO alls I'm sayin is that we are helping the mission out (especially the Spanish speaking missionaries!) by talking with everyone and getting lots of referrals for other areas. (a Lot of people hang out in our area but are actually from other areas...) And soon we will find someone prepared and ready for the Gospel who lives in our area too!

Bro Simpson is praying about a baptismal date. PRAY FOR HIM! He is so ready, there are just some things holding him back. I have dreams about being with his family in the temple someday. Ahhhhhhh.

Birthdays! Happy Birthday Ty Ty and Stacey! I hope you both had great days. I can't believe it's the end of August. Woa. For your presents I got you lots of blessing for sacrificing a year and a half without your favorite Sister in law! Enjoy :) Love you guys so much.

Just for the record, a friend of mine who I met here who actually was a Brinkerhoff before she was married, has been accepting my friend requests and stuff on Facebook. Don't be alarmed! I gave her permission! I wanted to make sure that anyone could see my stuff because people ask for it all the time.... I'm not breaking any rules, don't worry :)

Hmmmmm...... I wish I had a seriously funny story to tell. But I don't today... I mean there are always tracting stories, but honestly those stories would fall under the "depressing" category, not so much the "funny" category. Although I have learned to just laugh at things, and then it makes it a little less painful. It's so sad that people are very closed off to this... But it also makes it all the more amazing when you find someone who has so clearly been prepared. It's awesome.

Anastasia is still in the picture and still getting baptized, but the other Bel Air sisters are finishing teaching her :( It was my decision, mostly to give them something to work with. I can't imagine jumping into an area and having NOTHING, so to be fair, we said they could finish teaching her. She is wonderful and amazing and brought me a key chain back from her Paris trip. Love her.

Welp... Not much else today. I love being a missionary and I love everything I am experiencing, even though it is hard a lot of the time. I realize that trials and hard things bring us closer to the Lord than anything else. So, bring it on, Bel Air! We have a phrase..."We are doing missionary work Bel Air style". Because really, there is a style that is needed to make a difference in this area... I think I am almost stylish if you know what I mean. So watch, now I will get transferred in a couple weeks. Just when I'm getting the hang. We'll see.

Love you all mucho! Send me letters! :)
Sista Brink

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