Monday, August 8, 2011

Me and My Pinto Bean

Its pretty hilarious, let me tell you, to be companions with a 5 foot (maybe under to be honest) Bolivian sweetheart.

It's a new transfer.

Enter. Sister Pinto.

Its wonderful. Walking together is rather difficult, being that 3 of her steps is the equivalent to 1 of mine. So I have to slow down a bit. Her little legs just try so hard to keep up with me, its adorable. She is really trying hard to learn English. She doesn't quite understand when I say things like "Silly goose" because then I try and do a translation in Spanish and things like that are extremely rude so I have to try and explain that is just a phrase, and it's just funny. She really is the sweetest thing ever and she calls me "Sister" in the most adorable way. Mostly I think "Brinkerhoff" is impossible for her to say and its' completely understandable. I can't even say it most of the time. Anyways, I call her my Pinto bean and I just love her mucho. And I'm learning a lot of Spanish. I used to carry lip gloss every where I went, now I carry a Spanish-English dictionary. Honestly, I don't know what I would do without it. Mascara and my dictionary and I'm good to go.

I was asked to be the new Visitors Center Sister Trainer. I even have a badge. No, just kidding, but I was given a stick that I'm allowed to use when sisters are acting out. (Obviously I'm kidding, but I think that if there were a beating-stick, I would have to use it on myself probably more than the other sisters. There is an occasional glare from Elder Macdonald when I use the entrance floor to the center as my tap-dancing stage. When he looks at me, I feel like Cam from Modern Family: "I CANT TURN IT OFF, ITS WHO I AM!" Bottom line: I'm not sure why I am in charge, someone needs to keep ME in line) It's been a really humbling experience. As a trainer, I get to observe sisters' tours, talk to them about struggles they are having, present trainings and yada yada yada. I have realized something really special this week being able to do this and its that we really all have something different and amazing to offer to this world. God really did give us very specific things that would help in the progression of HIs kingdom, and while we can learn from others' and adopt some of their qualities, we are still our own person with our own ways and ideas and talents. It's pretty neat. I have such a testimony that "God is in the details" because I believe that every single person I have given a tour to at the VC HAD to be given by ME, and it's the same for other sisters as well. God knows our strengths and he wants to see us use them for good. I love the sisters here at the Visitors Center, each one of them has really affected my life and my work here. Sister Hanselman is the other Trainer and she is just one of the most loveliest people. I really love her a lot. I sure have made some great friends.

Speaking of friends.

SO fun to see the Allen family. My family, really. What was so crazy was that I had had a dream that I saw Kelsey here, and then a few days later here she is. With her ADORABLE baby Lincoln. I gave Bob a hug because I figured it was like my Dad stepping in here and I would NOT miss an opportunity to hug my Dad if he was here. Just love that family so much and it was so fun to see them.

Granny G is getting baptized on Saturday! I feel so overwhelmed with the blessings that we have received in Bel Air. We actually now have 2 sets of sisters in the area which is SO cool because it would have NEVER happened before with the amount of work. Now things are really progressing so it was a good call to have 2 sets in the area. It feels nice to be a little part of that, to know that the work we have done here has made a difference. Bel Air does NOT have to be a "hard" area ever again! I am very grateful.

We have a wonderful family that we are now working with. They actually moved from Sis Pinto-beans old area so that's pretty great. We will call them the Simpsons. They are wonderful and the Dad is not a member. Their daughter, we'll call her Shirley Temple (because she SERIOUSLY looks like her) is the most adorable thing in the world. Curly curly hair and just loves everyone. When we knocked on the door she screamed "SISTERS!!!!!" and it made me so happy. They all came to church yesterday and it was so great to have them there.

Granny G is hilarious. She just tells you how it is, holding nothing back. The other night, we had a lesson with Granny G with a member from the ward and it was great. We went to dinner after and seriously, mid conversation about how good the food was, Granny G says in her seriously Italian accent "Sis Brinkerhoff you have pimple". Thanks Granny G. And THEN I had a little situation with some facial wax. Yes, I wax my face... Anyways... this isn't the first time this has happened (you'd think I would learn) but I am taking some medicine for my face (which is helping a TON Mom!) and it makes my skin really thin. The other night, not thinking, I waxed my face and ripped off a layer of skin on each side of my face and my lip.  Its not SUPER noticeable, just looks like a burn. But Gianna, right in the middle of church practically yells "WHAT HAPPENED TO YOUR FACE?!". Just so priceless. Love her so much. And just so everyone knows, yes, I look like a monster apparently.

Other than that. My life is good. I am so grateful to be a missionary. The experiences that I am having are completely unexplainable and wonderful. I am learning and learning and learning. I am so grateful that God knew that I needed to be here at this time. I really am so grateful that God is in control and that he knows me perfectly. we are SO lucky to have this Gospel and we can't take it for granted! I love the Lord with all of my heart.

Sista Brink

PS: Court: in case I forget in my letter that I hopefully will be able to write later. The shakage of the jaw is NOT necessary, it actually means there is some serious tension in the tongue when they are singing. It's not terrible, but its not ideal. A person can still sing really well and shake their jaw, it just would be better if not. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH

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