Monday, January 16, 2012

The Final Countdown... (I hope you are singing that song in your head...or outloud. Preferably out loud.)

Hello all!!!

Yep, it is my final and last transfer as a missionary. Well actually, no.... it's the final and last transfer as a set apart missionary. I really hope I continue to be a missionary in all that I do! Missionary work takes many forms, thats for sure. There were some really great things that happened this week. Actually, thinking that last monday was just a week ago is kind of ridiculous. It's been a lonnng week.

We find out about transfers on Tuesday even though technically the 6 week period started today. I'm actually so calm and not really worried. I hope Korea stays with me... but I actually doubt it. But we will see! It's my last "transfer drama". It really is always so dramatic... everyone whispering about what is going to happen and blah blah blah. I don't do drama but I've realized something... drama seems to follow me wherever I go. It's a curse, I think.

We met with a new investigator this week. I think I will call him Prince. He was great! Our member was PERFECT and she added such a great testimony. He knows a lot about our religion, including the things that people try and hold against us... but he has an open heart. He has read the entire Book of Mormon and says "It is definitely spiritual, but I'm not sure it is scripture." I wish there was an easy way to help people understand that if it is anything good and inspiring, then it has to be from God.... we did talk about that, and he agreed to meet with us again. Good news!

Another small little miracle I would like to share with you. When I was in Bel Air, there was a woman in the area book that I called every single week (or texted) to try and see because I felt so drawn to her name. She would sometimes text back but would always say she was busy. So I kept on trying, almost out of frustration. But moreso, I just felt that I needed to be persistant with her. SO flash forward 8 months and she finally called us and said "Why do you keep calling me." I simply said "Because I know you need what we have..." and then I just bore a bold testimony, something I try to do but am sometimes a little fearful. She set an appt with Sis Green and I and we taught her once and then I was transferred.... so then flash forward again to yesterday when we went to take the Sacrament and there she was. AT CHURCH! We sat by them for the Sacrament, and then she visisted at the Visitors Center. It was just such a tender mercy to see that even though for 8 months she never called back or would meet with us, that it was totally worth it. Miracle.

Last night was the "Departing Missionary Fireside". I have only been to one other one on my mission... I was able to play the piano for some of the songs and it was really great to hear the testimonies of the departing missionaries. It's an awesome event. All of the missionaries' investigators, new converts, members from their areas come and support the departing missionary. It's a pretty miraculous thing that happens... a bunch of young men and women leaving home to come and wear skirts and suits for a long time to talk to people about Jesus Christ, and they change. They completely change. And the people they taught see these missionaries literally as angels. They love their missionaries. And we love our people. So much. The Spirit was very strong at the fireside. Abuelo came with us.... He was crying during the final hymn. He knows this is true. Everyone pray for Abuelo!

I got a message yesterday on my call center phone from a girl I taught with her missionaries here at the Visitors Center. She said "Hi Sister Brinkerhoff.. I was hoping you can come to my baptism today!". It was a sweet moment. I couldn't go, unfortunately, but she said "You will be here in spirit!". I felt so special that she wanted to include me on her special day. I love this.

The Macdonalds left. It was very sad. I cried a lot actually! I love them so much and am so grateful for everything they did for me and for the other sisters. They are absolutel incredible.

I have had some great experiences in the call center lately. Also a miraculous thing that happens. Someone is inspired at the VC to have us call their friend. We call. They become our friend. We talk about very important and spiritual things... Its so great. Right now I have an investigator via the phone who is 16 and awesome. He is so smart and wants to know truth. Well, my friend, this is where you can find it!

The Book of Mormon is TRUE. I promise. I love it so much. I am grateful for all of you and for being my friend.

Sista Brink

COURT: I hope my Mom told you YES! IM IN! Of course! Just work it out with her. IM SO EXCITED!

Sean:   대단하지만 가끔씩 이상할때가 있어, 인터뷰 잘 되기를 바래 ( 행운을 빌어 ) 넌 잘 할수 있을거야
편지 보내기를 바래
Goodbye Macdonalds :(
Abuelo, RWLJ and Korea at the Departing Fireside 
Goodbye Sis Decker!

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