Monday, January 9, 2012

"A Person.....Can Develop a Cold!"

So maybe that song came into my head this week several times because EVERYONE got a cold. Including me. Which was pretty hilarious because on Monday I told everyone "I never get sick. I haven't really gotten sick on my mission at all except for a little runny nose here and there...." and then BAM! "It hit me like a one-two punch from Muhammad Ali" (Thanks RWLJ) and I got slapped with a cold. It was terrible! Mine only lasted one day with some awful after-effects like a SPLITTING head ache, but Sis Moon's lasted pretty much all week. That made for some nice quality apartment time. I'm not really good at sitting in a one-room apartment for more than a couple hours at a time... it was rough.... I organized everything I have and put everything I won't use for the rest of my time here in a big box from Korea to send home. I wrote a lot in my journal , worked on our area book and called lots of potential investigators,  and then I started to think I was going crazy because my mind started to run wild. No bueno. I'm a going kind of gal... I think it's a miracle that God lets my mind rest in the night so I can actually sleep becuase that thing just GOES. Anyways... needless to say, it was an interesting week. Because of all the sicknesses, I don't have much to report on... or any real funny stories. But I'm sending pictures so that should make up for it!
Abuelo.... Oh my abuelo.... He is so funny. He claims he is 70% Mormon and 30% Catholic right now... Still at a loss for him. I think he needs to really make a decision on his own about being baptized. He just is so scared about his family traditions, even though they are all dead. (or maybe even MORE so because they are dead.... he thinks its disrespectful.... Even though we told him his family is just WAITING for him to get baptized....) He wonders why he isn't dead yet because he is an "Old car" (His words, not mine... He's the youngest old car there ever was in my opinion) and we tell him it's because God won't let him die until he gets baptized. Haha. True story!
As far as our other investigators, I don't really feel like there is anyone to really report on. We did have a great experience the other night teaching a man we will call.... Taco. We met Taco while trying to visit someone else, he was super kind and we sort of cornered him by his trash cans... After talking for a while about the existence of God and the Restoration, he agreed to receive a Book of Mormon. We didn't really know if he would allow us to teach him an actual lesson when we delivered it with a member from the ward, but he did! And it was a really great lesson. The spirit was really strong. He is a young guy, in his late 20's probably, with a lot of great ideas and concerns about the world and God's existence in it. He didn't agree to a return appointment, but honestly, I left feeling completely confident that that was one experience closer to him having a desire to really learn more about the Gospel and that he will eventually get baptized. That was a great confirmation to have. And to feel that I was a small part in that was also very reassuring.
We have other new investigators that aren't really progressing yet, but I will definitely keep you posted as they continue to learn. I love being a missionary so much and I love these people. This truly is a great work we are involved in.
I think this might be the absolute lamest letter of my whole mission. I think I'm actually just becoming lamer and lamer as the time goes on... And also less cute and less cute. But also more spiritual and more spiritual. And more sure and more sure of my testimony. Thats a good thing.
Thank you for everything! XOXOXO
Sista Brink

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