Monday, May 30, 2011

June Gloom

Apparently things get kind of chilly here in June. So they call it "June Gloom" and then in July the Sun comes out-a-shinin. So I'll let you know how the June Gloom goes.

Speaking of June. Can you believe it's almost JUNE?! I surely can't. It's nuts. The year is almost halfway over and it seems like New Years was like 3 days ago. But then that cant be because so very much has happened since then.

Lets see. This week was chalk full. We had Zone Conference on Wednesday which was fantastic. It was frustrating getting there because W2 (my GPS) took us to the wrong building like 10 miles away (a long ways for LA traffic) and so we were all frazzled. I HATE getting lost. Especially in LA. Which is why I have W2. Don't judge me. At least I get places when I need to get there while other missionaries stare at a map. It's a huge time saver.

Anyways. Zone Conference.

Our mission President- Pres Baker- and his amazing wife always give these talks that just make me want to do a jig. Sometimes I do. Just in my seat. Sis Baker talked about the Holy Ghost. I wish I had my notes with me so that I could give you some of her genius. Listening to and following the promptings of the Holy Ghost is something that I have really been trying to do my whole mission. I have had some few insights about it that have really helped me...
1) The Spirit is not a huge thing, it REALLY is a still small voice.
2) TRUST that an insight that you receive, a thought, or an impression IS from the Spirit. Don't worry about if it is your thoughts or not. Just trust that it is the Spirit, because it is.
3) The Spirit is ALWAYS there if we allow it to be there by keeping the commandments etc, BUT sometimes we have to make our own choice. The Spirit will verify if it is the right decision or not.
4) BEING WORTHY OF THE SPIRIT IS SO IMPORTANT! We NEED the spirit SO badly in our lives. Whatever is tempting to do that would drive the spirit away is so not worth it, although it seems like it is. (Kind of like how Linz and I used to try the whole "Is this brownie more important to me than being skinny" and to be honest, it usually was! So... bad example... being worthy of the spirit really is worth it haha)

I've had a lot more, I'm sure, but that is all about the Holy Ghost for now. President Baker talked about "honoring our fathers" where he talked about honoring our earthly fathers, the fathers referred to in the book of Mormon and then our Heavenly Father. (Of course when he started about the Earthly Fathers I looked at a friend- Elder Wood- and mouthed "great" because he is one that I always tease about me not having a Dad... you know me... Anyways, he rolled his eyes at me. Haha) It was really powerful. Made me really think about who I am, what I am doing as a missionary, and why. And it comes down to this : I am a child of God, I am finding His children who don't know they are His children, and I am doing this because I love God. Even though it is hard and knocking on gigantic houses in Beverly Hills is the scariest thing in the world. Even when they are showbiz people and have lots of fun toys in their yard (ask me about Kung Foo Panda in 9 months or so. Funnny Story.)

We talked a lot about finding too. How to find people who are prepared to receive the Gospel. It's not a piece of cake, let me tell you, but the Lord really does place people in your path if you are sincerely looking and willing to jump out of your comfort zone (and quite literally jump out and stop someone in their tracks.)

There isn't really anything new to report on. We have 2 investigators preparing for baptism this month which is really really exciting. The most amazing thing about being a missionary is being able to form a bond with people and witness their miraculous change happen. Such an amazing thing.

Zoe and Todd: YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW HARD I WAS LAUGHING AT THAT LETTER! I love you both! Miss you

Hallie: Thank you for the box! Ah! You're amazing.

Sis Cass: Response to come in the mail. My nails are brown and I am loving it. Thank you!

Thank you everyone for your support and love and prayers. I am so grateful to have such amazing people in my life!

Sis Brinkerhoff

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