Monday, October 17, 2011


This time is always a bit interesting... its the end of a transfer, we have one week to go,  and you start to thinka bout what could happen. I know it really probably doesn't matter what I think... it's really up to President Baker and the Lord of course, but I will say that I have loved my time in Bel Air. If I need to do more time here, so be it! If I am off to a new area, so be it! There are several reasons why I would want to stay, and feel like I would need to stay... the biggest being to help organize the Talent Show for the WW 1st ward as the ward council is VERY concerned about the "production" of the whole thing. I know someone else would do fine, of course. It's just that I have been there the whole time working on putting it together etc. I do feel somewhat at a loss for how to progress in this area. You know, sometimes you just need something new. It's like when you've been wearing the same things over and over and you've tried every sort of variation on the same things, but really, you just nee a new scarf to put it all together. In fact, we are going with Sis Ashby and Franks to dinner today. Maybe we will have to stop in to H and M and get me a new scarf. Good idea. I told the sisters I would take them for "Dinner on Dar" (the spanish sisters got really confused... Dar means "to give" which actually fits my mother perfectly! She is the most giving person I know) because Sis Ashby did me a huge favor and got rid of my mullet cause she does hair. Wow, I am ADD today. (Linz... I'm turning into you). Anyways. I definitely feel like the experiences I have had here in Bel Air have really shaped me. They have made me think and learn and grow in really painful ways, but wonderful ways. There are so many wonderful people that I have learned from in this area. I feel like I have learned to have charity (of course completely not perfectly) and to love people for who they are. I do think that I am sort of at a progressional halt. Like I am not sure how to continue to progress in an area that I have all ready had SO much progression and learned so much. Maybe it's time for a new experience. However, if I stay, I'm know the Lord would show me what I needed to do!

We are working with Anastasia again! She is for the UCLA ward. She is back, after needing a "break", and she came to church yesterday! Great news. I think she will really start progressing. The ward has a lot of young people her age who I think will do a great job at fellowshipping her. I love the UCLA ward very much! Most of our time lately has been spent finding for the UCLA ward, and then working with members for the Talent Show for WW 1st. We have found a couple new investigators...We will them Mickey and Minnie. They were OLLLLLD referrals, from before my time,  that never made it to the book and we found them through the referral manager, and called them. They are very skeptical, have read a lot of anti literature, but they are willing to read and pray. Alexandra is very interesting, has a lot of questions about the validity of the Book of Mormon, but also doesn't know how to recognize an answer from God. So we are trying to focus on not just answering all of her questions, but helping her to discover things for herself. The spirit has been super duper strong in both times we have visited them (they are roomates) and I KNOW they are feeling it, but they really don't want to accept another book of scripture.

Which brings me to a thought. Do we realize how much it makes sense that we have the Book of Mormon? I am dead serious in saying that the Book of Mormon is remarkable and completely logical. I have learned many many thins about the B of M and I know this book is true! During one of our lessons, Mickey asked me : "If there was a credible source, let's say the Smithsonian, that came out with a research article or something proving the Book of Mormon to be false, would you deny it?" NO! I WOULD NOT!  She seemed kind of shocked. I learned some interesting things this week too... Interesting things from a Visitor who we had a lot of common contacts and things. From the things I learned from her, I decided something. I never have to do _____ becuase I know the Book of Mormon is true. A Lot of things can go into that blank. For example, I never have to doubt myself becasue the Book of Mormon is true. I never have to be hard on myself, I never have to question Gods validity or reality, I never have to do things that I know are wrong, I never have to fall into traps... All of these things that I fear, I don't need to fear because of my testimony of the Book of Mormon. This is fa reals. I love the Book of Mormon. Kenz and Jaid: WAY TO GO! Keep reading it! I'm so proud of you two! I have the best nieces and nephews in the entire world.

Granny G... Love her. She is such a funny lady. Not feeling to good, but she seems to be happier than before. I wish so badly I could just maker her life happier. I used my Mom as a great example when we visited her the other day. She was complaining about things (and yes, she has some legit things to be complaining about), but I realized that if this woman does not change something, she is going to live the rest of her life in misery! For reals! She is going to wither away on her couch and die. So I said "Gianna I want to tell you something about my Mom. My Mom has lived a really hard life and she has been through a lot. Really hard things. And yet, you know what she does? She does everything for everyone else..." Gianna said "What does she do?" And trying to think of good examples that wouldn't make her feel like she had something grand to live up to (which would totally happen because the things my Mom does are just incredible) I said "Well she invites all the kids over for stories. And pizza" And I of course listed some other things also... And then Gianna called us yesterday and said "I wanna have you sisters over for pizza" Hahahaha. So sweet. So we will be having pizza with Gianna on Thursday. She is trying to change and do good things. Sweetie. Thanks Mom for being a wonderful example.

Sis Pinto is so funny. She is stressing out about not being companions, so she just hugs me all day long and says "Seeester...." but then nothing else. She looks at me with sad eyes. It's really interesting because really sis Pinto bean and I can hardly communicate. With my sort-of Spanish and her sort-of English we have gotten by. But we have communicated so much in other ways. I have learned so much from that little thin.

Bro Simpson is... Not sure... he just has some serious road blocks and we are not sure what they are or how to get through them.

I think this is long enough for today. Thank you all for your love, support, frienship yatta yatta yatta. Wah Wah Wah, right? You are wonderful.

-Sista Brink

PS including some pictures....

Me and Sis Pinto Bean after a hike that I forced her to do with all of us. Hahah!

The Westwood Zone!!! At the Observatory

Elder Jacobberger in a giant Book of Mormon. HILARIOUS! Sis Rose, that is your Son... be so proud. It was a training, and it was AWESOME. Really amazing. Those Elders... Man they are the best.

Tour with Elders and their invesigator. It was an amazing experience. She is a wonderful person!

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