Monday, October 24, 2011

Nephi and Me

Things are going well... We are starting to find some potentials which is really great!  People are accepting return appointments, now we gotta have faith that they will keep them! We found a few new investigators this week which is really great and exciting. This is our finding miracle this week: On Saturday night, we went into the area at 7 or so after having a couple lessons and dinner. It was really the only hour and a half of finding that we had had all week, and we wouldn't have any time on Sunday either. We had set a goal to find 3 new investigators this week and had only found 1. So, we prayed before we got out of the car and said "Heavenly Father. We will talk to everyone, please help us find 2 new investigators". And we did! The Lord provided! It was incredible. One of them has a friend on a mission and has never read the Book of Mormon, claims to be atheist, but agreed to read the Book of Mormon. The other was raised very strong lutheran, and had never heard of the Book of Mormon. She seemed very excited for us to come back. Both were girls we just stopped on the street to talk to. We promised the Lord we would DO something. That doing was showing our faith. It really is a pattern that I am learning to apply more and more. Pray, Have faith, Go and Do, let the Lord provide. (Of course this is not always a perfect formula, but our faith and doing will never ever ever go in vain!)

So we are planning a Talent Show for the ward, as you know. It's been really interesting to get it all going. The Talent Show is going forward, still trying to get everyone pumped and excited about it. I think it will be a success. Even if one non member comes and has a good experience, it would have been worth it.
Usually I have an inkling about what will happen at transfers, which are on Wednesday. I have zero inklings. Just ready to do what the Lord wants me to do. (Total primary answer, I know. Of course I do have MY wants in mind, but I am trying to trust the Lord and the plan He has for my mission) I will miss my little Sis Pinto, I really do love her very much and she has taught me so many things. I think a change might be hard for her, but also really good. I really do wish she could see how amazing she is. I have very mixed feelings for the possiblities of this transfer. But at the end of the day, I know that wherever I get sent or if I stay is where the Lord wants me to be.

Bro Simpson is not really progressing anymore. He just has a wall and we aren't sure how to help it come down and see what his real concerns are. I am at a loss with him right now. I think that is probably becasue he is just not ready yet.
Anastasia seems to be progressing, althought sometimes I wonder if she tells us what we want to hear or if she is actually feeling that way. I'm not sure why it would be the former, but she does come to church and agreed to start meeting again so hopefully she will begin to progress. We met this week and watched "FInding Faith in Christ". She cried during it and the Spirit was really really strong. We were on shift, though and Elder Macdonald pulled me out of the lesson to do some music things, but what I hear from Sis Pinto Bean and the member that was there, she was really touched by the movie. She is an incredible person and I really love her.

Yesterday was a miracle. We were supposed to go to a fireside with Anastasia for all of the departing missionaries, but she was sick and I was SOOOO bummed ebcause I was really looking forward to going. But we were able to see someone else from the ward that we have been trying to get a hold of for a really long time. Turns out, she was really struggling and needed us last night. We were able to go visit her and talk and I realized last night how much I love this woman! The Spirit was so strong and she sobbed. I sang "Come thou Fount' for her on her gorgeous piano. It was a really neat expereince and made me realize that God really is in charge. Trust Him!
I learned a good lesson this week from reading 2 nephi 4. Nephi says something to the effect of "Even though I have seen many witnesses and know these things are true, I still sin, but I want to give up my desire for sin completely!" And then he prays for that immensely. It was a good lesson because I realized that sometimes I think about things like that. Even Nephi had to repent and had to get back up again, so it is ok that I have to do the same, even though I have received countless witnesses of this or that, I still will make mistakes, because I am not perfect. That was a little tender mercy for me to realize that it is OK to make mistakes, as long as I try again. Maybe a little harder the next time...

Have to explain the pictures:

Sis Bodily HATES when I try to give her loves, so of course I always do and we got some good pictures of her response. hahaha. I love my little hija!

Sista Brink

Trying to get a decent picture. Bye Elder Bennett! You are the best!
 Bye Elder Kenny!!!! You will be missed!

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